Vaccines, Europe on the verge of explosion? – EconomyMorning

After a common vaccine purchasing policy, the European Union sees several of its members playing personal roles. State of play. When we learn that Hungary is getting vaccines from China and Russia, that Denmark and Austria want to cooperate with Israel, and even start building factories to develop a “new generation” vaccine for 2012-2022, or that Italy blocked a batch of Astra Zeneca vaccines that was to be delivered to Australia, we wonder about these new alliances between countries, motivated as much by medical reasons as geopolitical. Of course, the faults in the European supply are not for nothing, but nothing more was needed to put the European Parliament in turmoil! Added to this ambient climate are three variants of the virus, more contagious than the first version, which gallop at full speed and spread through the population at high speed. For some countries, such as the Czech Republic, very strongly affected by the variant South African, and who ordered the Chinese vaccine from Beijing, there was an urgent need to act anyway! It would be too slow to wait for the European Medicines Agency to coordinate with the Czech Medicines Agency and release enough vaccines to vaccinate a large proportion of the population. That being said, on March 11, the European Medicines Agency was studying data from the Russian vaccine Sputnik V, already produced on a large scale, and whose composition already seemed promising to lead to a massive authorization in Europe. . In the current state of affairs, however, we can only admit that several Member States of the European Union are freeing themselves from Brussels to obtain vaccines. Have we reached the limit of collective orders and distributions, in proportion to the populations, via Brussels? This is what the United Kingdom, fresh out of Europe, seemed to demonstrate! Moreover, what has led many countries to dissociate themselves from European processes is the number of contaminations in their country more than the number of inhabitants to be vaccinated. This is reminiscent of the mask episode, where both public and private actors had sometimes embarked on orders on their own, relying on their own contacts and circuits to get them sent as quickly as possible! The various EU countries are therefore free to obtain supplies directly from laboratories, recalled the European Commission, once the safety and efficacy of vaccines has been approved by their national health agency. Could France then in turn buy doses without going through the European Union? While Europe recalls that the European framework is there to guarantee solidarity between Member States and that production capacities will increase considerably, there is a certain European vaccine disorder which has somewhat undermined confidence in the ‘institution. The European Union therefore wishes to accelerate its collaboration with the United States, which has already vaccinated 20% of its population, to ensure that factories can obtain the necessary equipment to increase their production capacity. But you should know that the United States is not only turned towards Europe. They plan to deliver 1 billion doses of the Johnson Johnson vaccine to countries in Southeast Asia by 2022. For their part, the Chinese have already distributed their vaccines to around sixty countries around the world. Everyone therefore has their own strategy! However, the general feeling within the European Union is that of “beggar-thy-neighbor diplomacy” provided that the number of patients and deaths can drop in their country.