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The opening of numerous vaccinodromes throughout France should make it possible to speed up the vaccination campaign. However, rural populations feel left behind, having difficult access to these centers located in large cities. Technically possible, vaccination in pharmacies with Pfizer or Moderna vaccines could speed things up, provided the government receives the green light.

Vaccinodromes, the future of vaccination?

While the hope of an easing of health restrictions looms, vaccination is accelerating in France. Thanks to vaccinodromes? For the past month, these large capacity vaccination centers have continued to open. In Île de France, a region particularly affected by the coronavirus, they are multiplying, from the Stade de France to Disneyland. At the beginning of May, a large capacity center is due to open in Paris at the exhibition center. All over France, sports and cultural centers are temporarily giving way to vaccinodromes. Sometimes to the detriment of smaller centers, causing some local elected officials to fear two-tier vaccination. For Nicolas Homehr, general practitioner and president of the Professional Territorial Health Community (CPTS) of Toulouse, “it’s time to expand” vaccination, and therefore “to group togetherThe vaccination centers which made between 100 and 200 doses per day, to group them together in vaccinodrome-type centers where we could do 800 to 1,000 doses per day, and 2,000 for the larger ones. A conviction carried by the government, which sees in these vaccinodromes the means ofamplify, accelerate and simplify” the vaccination.

However, the populations sometimes remain skeptical, as in Dijon, where the opening of a vaccinodrome led to the closure of three centers in the metropolis. “I find it a shame because I was vaccinated in Chenôve, regrets for example at the microphone of France Bleu Dominique, 69 years old, who concedes however that “The organization was well done, it was fluid, we expected very little and above all there was support. We weren’t on top of each other“. As to whether this choice of vaccinodromes was the right one, “we will know in the coming weeks”, Estimates Anne-Laure Bonis, general practitioner and regional representative of the MG France union.

Bet everything on vaccinodromes, a risky bet

Speeding up vaccination via pharmaceutical dispensaries is an avenue that could become increasingly preferred, alongside vaccinodromes. Hitherto authorized to vaccinate with AstraZeneca, pharmacists may soon be authorized to prescribe and administer messenger RNA vaccines, such as that from Pfizer, the distribution of which was hitherto constrained by very low transport and storage conditions. temperature. The European Medicines Agency has since stated “have issued a positive opinion to allow the transport and storage of the vials at temperatures between -25 and -15 ° C”, Or the standard temperature of pharmaceutical freezers. A technically possible vaccination therefore. The only thing missing is the green light from the government.

At the end of March, Philippe Besset, president of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Unions of France (FSPF) indicated that “1.4 million people are on waiting lists in our 22,000 pharmacies “. The arrival of Pfizer and Moderna in pharmacies could allow to vaccinate a million people per week, according to a press release published by the FSPF, jointly with the Association of Rural Mayors of France. Deny pharmacies the possibility of administering messenger RNA vaccines “would further delay the achievement of collective immunity necessary to return to normal life“said the two organizations at the end of March.

Reconciling proximity and vaccinodromes

In Moselle, the vaccine strategy seems to be moving towards this complementary approach, which reconciles vaccinodromes and local vaccination. In this department particularly affected by the South African variant, doctors and pharmacists can now vaccinate those over sixty with the Moderna vaccine. 6000 doses have already been sent to pharmacies and general practitioners. “Doctors and pharmacists in the Grand Est have set up a platform to optimize Moderna orders and vaccine deliveries as close as possible to professionals“, evokes a pharmacist of the department. This experiment of vaccination in town”will be closely monitored and evaluated in the short term with a view to its extension to the whole of the national territory“, specified the Regional Health Agency of the Grand Est region. An approach which is not intended to replace vaccinodromes. In total, seven large-capacity centers are due to open in June. Enough to do so. carry out a million first injections by mid-June, and hope for an improvement in the situation.