Very High Speed ​​France Plan: towards the generalization of fiber by 2025 – Economy

The government is maintaining its objective of deploying optical fiber almost everywhere in France by 2025. New funding has just been allocated to this project.

New boost for public initiative networks

420 million euros: this is the sum that the State has just put on the table to support the deployment of optical fiber, with the objective of equipping almost all municipalities by 2025. These subsidies will benefit public initiative networks, these fiber optic deployment projects carried out by local authorities in rural areas, where operators do not find it profitable to deploy their networks due to low population density.

This objective of generalization of fiber, whose deadline is now set at 2025, was initially planned for 2022. And before that, there was the objective of guaranteeing everyone access to good broadband (greater than 8 MB / s) before 2020 and access to very high speed (greater than 30 MB / s) by 2022.

The Plan France Très Haut will still be supplemented in summer 2021

If the State aims to give every household, regardless of where it lives, access to Very High Speed ​​by 2025, a small minority of households should have access other than by fiber. Where the deployment of fiber will not be possible, managers of public initiative networks will have to offer a very high speed connection by fixed 4G, THD radio or satellite.

In the summer of 2021, the State should add 150 million euros to the financing of this Very High Speed ​​France Plan. The exact destination of these funds has not yet been decided: it will be at the beginning of summer 2021 that it will be decided which part of this pot will benefit fiber deployments and which part will be allocated to the deployment of alternative technologies.

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