Veterinarian on call: for which interventions? Where to find it? What rates?

When sharing your life with pets, it can sometimes unfortunately happen that one of them has a sudden health problem, of varying severity, which may require rapid or even very urgent veterinary intervention. This is why there are what are called on-call vets. They are emergency veterinarians, in a way, who organize a rotation so that a practitioner is always available day or night, every day of the week. Some even can come to the home if the health of the animal is threatened and it is necessary to consult very quickly.

But in which cases should you contact the on-call veterinarian? How to find it, and how much does it cost? This is what we will see in this article.

In which cases should we contact the on-call veterinarian?

There are many cases in which consulting a veterinarian on call may be necessary. If you are worried about your pet, for whatever reason, and you think it may require urgent intervention, do not hesitate to call him anyway, describe the situation to him, and the switchboard will be already able to provide you with some answers, first of all if the case is indeed urgent or not, but also if you can practice some first aid to help your suffering animal.

To help you see more clearly, here is a list of problems for which the intervention of a veterinarian on call may be useful, or even necessary. Of course, there may be a whole other problem that prompts you to contact emergency services urgently. So don’t hesitate if you have the slightest doubt.

Problems requiring the intervention of a veterinarian on duty


Whether internal or external, bleeding is one of the problems for which emergency intervention is required. This can come from several accidents, such as a defenestration, a traffic accident (if it has been hit by a car), or a hunting accident for example. If the bleeding is internal, it will not necessarily be seen from the outside. If in doubt, call a veterinarian on call anyway. If the bleeding is external, hasten to put a bandage or cotton on the wound to limit blood loss, and urgently contact a veterinarian.

Sudden and / or violent breathing problems

A sudden breathing problem can be the result of a wasp or bee sting in the windpipe, or an allergy, for example. Any breathing problem can quickly become very serious, so do not hesitate to call an emergency veterinarian in these cases.

Severe dehydration

It can happen that, following a long period without having access to water (such as being locked in a garage too long inadvertently), or following very severe diarrhea, the animal has serious consequences in terms of its internal organs. In this case, he will be weak, or even, will not be able to stand up. In this case, you will need to urgently call a veterinarian, the animal will certainly need an infusion as soon as possible.

Abnormal behavior and / or loss of balance

If you see either one, it could be from an undetected tumor that has started to attack an area of ​​the brain. It can also come from a stroke (Cerebral Vascular Accident). Contact the vet urgently as an operation may be urgently needed.

Poisoning / envenomation

If your pet has been bitten by a snake or a poisonous insect, for example, or if you catch him eating rat poison or any other poison, contact a veterinarian, he will need an injection of ‘antidote and possibly an infusion in the first case, and urgent stomach lavage in the second.

Repeated squeaks or moans

Animals are generally poorly expressive when embarrassed or even when in pain. If you hear him moaning repeatedly for too long, and in addition you notice unusual behavior, it could be a serious problem, especially in dogs, it could be a twist. of the stomach.

Violent digestion problems

Haemorrhagic diarrhea (blood in loose stools), or violent and repeated vomiting may be signs of severe digestive problems. Do not hesitate to contact a veterinarian, it can be more serious than it seems.

Where can I find a veterinarian on call?

The location of a duty veterinarian depends on your place of residence. You will of course have to choose the one located closest to you, for the fastest possible intervention if necessary.

To find it, the easiest way is still to search the internet. You can also ask your regular veterinarian during a visit, they should be able to provide you with the emergency number of the on-call vet near you.

Either way, it’s best to have this information handy, so that you don’t waste time in the event of a sudden problem.

What are the prices of a veterinarian on call?

The price of an on-call veterinarian depends on several factors but it remains very high compared to the prices of a traditional veterinarian (twice as much on average). First of all, you should know that a veterinarian on call is free to set his own prices. If he works at home, he may also bill you for travel costs, depending on the distance he has traveled to get to your home, knowing that the prices are in most cases higher in the big cities than campaign.

Finally, prices also vary according to the type of intervention he had to carry out. Thus, the price of a basic consultation with an on-call veterinarian can vary between € 70 and € 120. And this can amount to a much higher amount if the intervention he had to perform is complex. The solution may be to think about purchasing insurance for your pet.

You now have all the information you need regarding on-call vets. Of course their prices are high, but remember that in an emergency, they are the only ones able to save the life of your pet, and as the saying goes: when you love, you don’t count!