Vice President Kamala Harris: US will offer to host APEC 2023

US Vice President Kamala Harris this morning announced in Singapore that the US will offer to host the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum in 2023.

US Vice President Kamala Harris delivered a speech in Singapore on August 24. Photo: AFP

This information has just been made by Ms. Symone Sanders, the main spokeswoman and senior adviser to US Vice President Kamala Harris during her visit to Singapore. Kamala Harris for three days from 8/22.

This move demonstrates that the US attaches importance to the Asia-Pacific as well as promoting multilateral cooperation. APEC is the leading platform to promote regional economic policies as well as promote inclusive and sustainable growth.

The United States remains committed to expanding and deepening economic ties within APEC for the benefit of the American people and their partners.

On August 24 in Singapore, US Vice President Kamala Harris also delivered a policy speech at Gardens by the Bay. Here, Ms. Kamala Harris presented her vision for the Indo-Pacific region, which focused on three main areas, including: security, economic partnerships, and global health.

According to the White House, the US vice president discussed a topic she has mentioned many times before, saying that “our world is entering a new era”. The world needs to be more interconnected and interdependent than ever before, so the only way forward is to go together.

In addition, Ms. Kamala Harris also talked about efforts to end the Covid-19 pandemic and save lives, boost the global economy and the importance of free trade and shipping lanes, along with benefits from the US security and partnership presence in the region.