Video conferences would have saved 72 billion euros of GDP

The use of videoconferencing tools would have made it possible to preserve 250,000 jobs as well as 72 billion euros of GDP in France, estimates the Boston Consulting Group in a study carried out on behalf of the company Zoom.

Video conferencing tools: compared to our neighbors, France is lagging behind

If the positive impact of videoconferencing tools on business continuity is undeniable, how much are the losses avoided? The Boston Consulting Group has looked into the question: according to its estimate, 250,000 jobs as well as 72 billion euros of GDP could be preserved in France thanks to these tools. This is certainly a lot, but it is still less than in Germany, where 372,000 jobs and 89 billion euros of GDP could have been saved, and even less than in the United Kingdom, where these figures would be around 550,000. jobs and 145 billion euros.

The number of hours spent in videoconferences per employee has multiplied by 2.5 in France and the same in the United Kingdom, and by 2.6 in Germany. In France, the share of employees using videoconferencing solutions rose from 20% in 2019 to 60% in 2020 in SMEs and mid-cap companies and from 20% to almost 70% in large companies.

Videoconferencing tools should remain part of our professional daily life

On average in the world, the number of employees working remotely has multiplied by 2.5 to 3. The number of employees using videoconferencing solutions has multiplied by 2.4 to 2.7. The total time spent on videoconferencing solutions has been multiplied by a factor of 3 to 5.

Once the Covid-19 epidemic has passed, French business leaders expect 42% of employees to remain teleworking and 51% to continue to use video conferencing tools in the course of their work. The survey also shows that the perception of teleworking has changed significantly, with 70% of managers surveyed now declaring themselves more open to flexible remote working models than they were before the pandemic. In addition, 82% of French employees also consider that videoconferencing tools will remain essential for their activities.