Vietnamese movie ‘dead’: Do not believe the compliments of acquaintances and stop blaming

Vietnamese movies die: Do not believe compliments due to acquaintances and stop blaming - Photo 1.

‘The martial artist’s war’ failed because of many factors (topic, marketing, schedule), not belonging to a single stage – Photo: PCU

Today 10-1, answer Youth At the Sunday Talk of the cinema space Xinê House, about the movie’s failure causing the filmmaker to “traumatize”, producer Charlie Nguyen stated bluntly: “When making a movie, only pay attention to the movie. Lack of money, indebtedness, when you get into the game, that’s the consequence you have to bear.

It is not right to ask the audience to go to the show because it is not right to support Vietnamese films, they go to see it because it feels good, it is worth the money. Failure does not stop me from making movies. I continue to succeed, fail I still do.

Do not sit there, live with failure, traumatic, complaining of your responsibility, pleading with each other. That is so pathetic “.

The more the movie wins, the more dead the movie dies

Observing the recent market situation, director Nguyen Quang Dung stated on his personal page: “After the translation of COVID-19, the audience went to the cinema much less, thinking and deciding to choose movies were also different. first, they choose one movie first, watch another later. Now, they choose a must-see movie.

Vietnamese movies die: Do not believe compliments due to acquaintance and stop blaming - Photo 2.

‘You need to forget to remember’ the heavy loss is partly because audiences changed their habits of going to theaters after COVID-19

Exchange with Youth“Translating COVID-19 has had a more serious impact on theaters than we thought,” said one investor in a few hundred billion films. That is a big change in the audience’s habit of choosing movies, as Nguyen Quang Dung said: only choose a “hot” movie, not give the opportunity to another movie. Therefore, the more winning a movie wins, the more dead a movie dies.

When a movie is not marketed well, it is the responsibility of the whole team – including the producer and the publisher – to have agreed on the direction before.

Currently, the manufacturer Martial student great war blamed the theater “tragic compression” for screenings, blamed the media strategy of the Galaxy publisher. In response, the Galaxy said the release plan has the consent of the manufacturer, while the show “depends on the taste and choice of the audience”.

In text submitted YouthMs. Vo Thi Thuy Trang – release representative of Thien Ngan Film Joint Stock Company (Galaxy Studio) – accused the manufacturer of the error: “This is a great lesson for us to see and learn from experience in collaboration. with more professional filmmakers in the future “.

Vietnamese movies die: Do not believe compliments due to acquaintances and stop blaming - Photo 3.

‘It’s morning, let’s go to sleep’, a film that made the director say ‘Oh my God, the movie doesn’t want to die’

In previous years, there were also coal filmmakers who were “pinched” by theaters and publishers. Director Chung Chi Cong (movie It’s morning, let’s go to sleep) cried “God, the movie doesn’t want to die” and called on 150,000 young people to “support the movie to live”.

In 2019, the movie Dear Mother and Child went to receive less screenings than expected, director Trinh Dinh Le Minh shared: “When I saw the number of screenings, I was really shocked”. Producer Dung Binh Duong (film Idiot 17 years oldfrustrated about the publisher but not responding due to the bad film.

At a film conference, director Phan Gia Nhat Linh stated a reasonable point: “Do not watch movies like a watermelon to have to rescue. The audience does not care how miserable the publisher is, the filmmakers lose food. How insomnia. The best we can do is make great movies. “

Director – producer Nguyen Quang Dung, advises young filmmakers not to pay too much attention to compliments due to their acquaintances: “Do not believe and measure according to your Facebook statuses, because most of Facebook’s acquaintances have sympathize with me “.

Movie wins: must have its own quality and be well marketed

Get on with Youth, the investors of the hundred billion films above said that the movies that win at the box office must have their own quality for the audience to find and love, such as: I’m not yet 18., Crab pregnant wife, Hai Phuong, Very old girl, Ark, Blood Moon Party, Sister Thirteen, That Spiritual Paint, North Kim Thang …

“Own nature” is also what makes the movie marketing process more convenient, instead of movies that just stop at the clean, clean, finished watching process without leaving anything.

Vietnamese movies die: Do not believe compliments due to acquaintances and stop blaming - Photo 6.

‘Thirteen: 3 Days of Life’ is not a good movie but has a very good marketing strategy from the producer and the publisher.

There is an opinion that Sister Thirteen: 3 days of life and death “lucky”, is “big loser”. But this remark ignores the film’s highly successful marketing element.

Part two of Thirteen Sister is marketed by the career and name of the producer – actress Thu Trang, by the brand of Gypsy built by her with the familiar cast, by the success and available fan base of the first part.

Therefore, Sister Thirteen: 3 days of life and death is predicted to win big before going to theaters.

Likewise, the series The Old Girl is very clever and the movie The Godfather has both built brands before. Very old girl having its own quality is a regal, lavish and flashy world that young people like very much Godfather (both web drama and movie) pursues the theme of poor alleyway and human love in Saigon.

I’m not 18 yet is a novel Western-style Vietnamese school film, with a good performance between two talented actors Kaity Nguyen and Kieu Minh Tuan. Hai Phuong There are martial arts elements as close to international cinema.

Vietnamese movies die: Do not believe compliments due to acquaintances and stop blaming - Photo 7.

‘Bac Kim Thang’ is a small but unique project, well-marketed and successful with a turnover of over 40 billion VND.

And Bac Kim Thang is more special when it is the first movie of the director, producer, and lead actor. A very new crew but successful film marketing thanks to the impressive poster, curiosity about a ghost-tinged family.

It should be noted, movies with “own quality” but do not do well or the audience does not like it is still difficult to win. For example, the thriller film in Vietnam has not had a large audience, even though it is a popular genre in many cinematic backgrounds. Meanwhile, romantic comedy is gradually saturated, no longer unique.

There is a “natural child – adopted child”

A more persistent issue of the market is the “natural child – adoptive” situation of the publisher for Vietnamese films, which can lead to an imbalance in screening opportunities.

Director Nguyen Huu Tuan said on his personal page: “Now, all the biggest theaters are also publishers, and they also produce movies. So their movies always have a big advantage when it comes to being released in their own theaters. “

lose me and my mother

In previous years, the movie could not win, it could reach about 10 billion VND (in the photo: Expected fall, Mother and daughter). In 2020, the movie will not win, only about 1 billion VND

Many films lost more than 20 billion VND

In previous years, movies that are not “hot” also had the opportunity to earn about 10 billion VND. In 2019 (data from Box Office Vietnam): Fall promise (VND 10.2 billion), Dear mother, please (VND 8.7 billion), Butterfly house (11.8 billion dong), Super naughty pregnant (VND 9.2 billion) … Star teacher nearly 24 billion. The ratio between these films and one hundred billion films is only 1/10, 1/5.

In 2020 and early 2021, sales of movies that are not “hot” must be said to be tragic: Martial student great war (1.3 billion VND), People who need to forget need to remember (nearly 1.9 billion), The moonlight flower (757 million dong), Elevator (VND 1.5 billion), The secret of the wind (more than 1.9 billion), Husband (VND 4.7 billion) …

All are from light losses to heavy losses (over 20 billion VND). The ratio between failed movies and one hundred billion movies is 1/25, 1/80 – reflecting the harsh polarization of the market.

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