Voltswagen: a new name for the Volkswagen manufacturer? – EconomyMorning

After the DieselGate, which tarnished the image of the group found guilty of cheating on polluting emissions, Volkswagen had already had to change its slogan: “Das Auto” disappeared, became “Gas Auto” under the fingers of Internet users. But until then, the Wolfsburg firm had not announced the intention to change its name … until March 29, 2021 a press release was issued in error.

Voltswagen to relaunch Volkswagen in the United States

If it was unpublished very quickly, the press release will nevertheless have been spotted by Internet users. And no, it wouldn’t be an April Fool’s Day gone bad: according to CNBC, the information is true, Volkswagen is preparing to change its name, in any case in the United States. The group will be called “Voltswagen of America”.

The name change is linked to the change in strategy of Volkswagen, which is betting everything on electric with its ID range. It is moreover this range which will be marketed by Voltswagen, meaning “Car of the Volts”, where Volkswagen means “Car of the People”.

What will happen in Europe?

The change is not total: Volkswagen will not disappear completely; Voltswagen, according to the press release, will only be a subsidiary of it. The logo, moreover, remains the same, except that the Voltswagen version will be light blue, while the Volkswagen version will be dark blue, at least in the United States. But even thermal cars will be called Voltswagen, so the name Volkswagen will only be that of the company.

On the old continent, such a change has not been announced, and it could be more complicated to implement. Volkswagen is inextricably linked to German history and is a strong brand in Europe, much more than in the United States, with staunch fans for decades. But nothing prevents Volkswagen from launching the Voltswagen brand only for its electric vehicles, like, for example, Citroën which made DS its top-of-the-range brand.