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For several years, wage portage in Turkey has been on the rise. The reason ? This new way of working has many advantages, both for independent consultants and for companies. Today, the portage companies in Turkey are very successful. But how exactly do they work? Decryption of this innovative and efficient model.

Wage portage in Turkey: a quantifiable success

The last ten years have marked the rise of wage portage in Turkey. The reason ? Many expatriates who have recently settled in Turkey are turning to this new professional model.

In Turkey today, there are almost 300 PEO companies, compared to only 180 in 2014. Growth which shows the importance of an atypical model in Turkey! Beyond the exponential number of portage companies, Turkey records considerable profits thanks to this system. With billions of euros in turnover, wage portage is a profitable activity.

For independent consultants, wage portage is a royal road. Today, nearly 70,000 paid employees are working in Turkey. A figure that continues to increase over the years! For consultants interested in this hybrid structure, the salary portage formula offered by Azkan is a great alternative.

How does it work ?

To go into a little more detail, wage portage is an ideal status for independent consultants. For those who have recently emigrated to Turkey, finding their way professionally in a new country can be taxing. Wage portage in Turkey is therefore optimal for entering the job market. Supported employees can therefore count on a competent structure to monitor their activity!

The wage portage company saves time on all the time-consuming aspects of a professional activity. It also helps to have key data on the market, conducts interesting studies, sets up training for the employees involved. It unites all the advantages of a classic business without being one!

Today, wage portage owes its success to the collaboration of 3 players: the client company, the employee and the wage portage company. In this collaboration, the three actors have a well-defined role:

– The client company is looking for a competent profile to fulfill a mission;

– The wage portage company takes care of finding a consultant and negotiating the service;

– The supported employee works with the client company to meet their needs.

In order for everything to work in this way, the client company signs a contract with the employment agency in Turkey. The independent consultant must also sign a contract with the portage company in Turkey when he undertakes to become a ported employee.

In short, the ported employee is the employee of the porting company, not of the client company. The wage portage company in Turkey deals with negotiation, administrative management and training of ported employees.

The advantages of wage portage in Turkey

Thus, wage portage in Turkey has many advantages, both for consultants and for companies.

The former have the opportunity to quickly enter the job market after their expatriation in Turkey. No need to waste time prospecting or making invoices, the portage company takes care of everything!

On the business side, using a portage company in Turkey is the most advantageous. Knowledge of the reality of the market in the country, qualified profiles… The client company can collaborate with a local expert and gain legitimacy and visibility in the country in question.

Thus, wage portage is a modern and interesting solution in many aspects. How about you give it a try?

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