Wall Street sailed to catch the waves, Asian stocks rose

Wall Street set a new peak after the inauguration of President Biden, Asian stocks simultaneously increased

Major stock indices of Asia – Pacific all went up on January 21 trading day after Wall Street stocks set a new peak last night when President Joe Biden took office.

Major stock indexes of Asia – Pacific were “green on the floor” on January 21 trading day. Photo: Shutterstock

The Shanghai Composite Index in mainland China today increased 1.07% to 3,621.26 points, while the Shenzhen Component Index soared nearly 2% and closed at 15,520.60 points. In contrast, on the Hong Kong market, the Hang Seng index slipped 0.5% in the last trading minutes of the day.

In Japan, the Nikkei 225 increased by 0.82% and closed at 28,756.86 points, while the Topix index rose 0.6% and ended the day with 1,860.64 points. The Central Bank of Japan today continues to stabilize its monetary policy. Specifically, this agency keeps short-term interest rates at -0.1% and 10-year government bonds at 0%.

On the Korean market, the Kospi index close the door increased 1.49% to 3,160.84 points. In India, the BSE Sensex index today for the first time crossed the threshold of 50,000 points after closing the transaction with an increase of 0.66%.

Green also dominated Australian stocks, with the S & P / ASX 200 up 0.79% to 6,823.70. Previously, the Australian Bureau of Statistics announced that the unemployment rate in this country in December 2020 was 6.6%, lower than the 6.7% forecast and 6.8% recorded in November. Overall, the MSC in Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) rose 0.75% today.

US stocks last night saw all three major indexes peaked after Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. Index of Industrial Average Rolling Down New milestone 31,188.38 after up 257.86 points, the S&P 500 rose 1.4% to close at a record 3,851.85 points. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq Composite last night also increased by nearly 2% and closed with new achievements, 13,457.25 points.

On the money market, the US dollar index against other major currencies fell to 90.30, from 90,452 recorded earlier. Meanwhile, the Japanese Yen appreciated and converted 103.43 JPY to “eat” 1 USD, compared to 103.8 JPY / USD, while the Australian dollar also strengthened and changed hands 1 AUD / 0.7759 USD .

Oil prices on the Asian market this afternoon went down, with Brent crude for futures slipping 0.27% to $ 55.93 / barrel and US crude futures devalued by 0.32% to $ 53.14. /bin.

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