Watch out for the Lidl scam! – EconomyMorning

The scam of the week can do some damage, prick up your ears to avoid falling into the trap, you or one of your loved ones.

Lidl’s robot subject to social media scam

You’ve probably heard of Lidl’s interactive kitchen machine called “Monsieur Cuisine Connect”. A device sold for 400 euros, which is half the price of the Thermomix it imitates, and therefore regularly out of stock. Especially since a judicial procedure is initiated to obtain its ban.

This gave ideas to the smart ones, who fabricated a scam that is currently circulating on social networks. The Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot is indeed offered at … 1 euro 95. Precisely by claiming that the last stocks are sold off, because of the ongoing trial!

Little chance of being reimbursed

The rest is sadly banal. Imagining that they will soon receive a robot directly at home, the victims of the scam give their bank details. No robot will ever arrive, on the other hand, every month, 65 euros will be taken from their account, for nothing, until they block the direct debit from their bank.

Of course, there’s no point in crying around Lidl, who is just as much a victim of this scam. As for the hopes of being reimbursed, they are low, but you can always try to claim from your banker!

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