Wealth of US billionaires increased by more than $ 1 trillion during the pandemic

Illustration. (Source: AP)

On December 9, the American Institute for Policy Studies and the American Campaign for Tax Equality (ATF) published research results showing that, over a period of time, pandemic COVID-19 Outbreak in the US from March 18 to the present, the wealth of the rich in this country has increased by more than $ 1 trillion, fueling a controversy in the country over higher taxes on the rich class.

In particular, during this period, the fortune of 651 billionaires in the US increased from $ 2,950 billion to $ 4,010 billion.

According to Frank Clemente, CEO of ATF, the American people have never seen such a massive accumulation of wealth in such a very short time.

He emphasized the additional income American billionaire It was even larger than the $ 916 billion COVID-19 bailout package that could be obtained during a pandemic goverment American proposed on December 8 and is enough to pay about 300 million Americans each one a relief check worth $ 3,000.

The results of this study “add oil” to an inherently hot controversy over higher taxes on the rich to narrow. wealth inequality is on the rise in America.

For example, the far-left Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pushing for higher tariffs in New York, where, like other states in the US, is facing a fiscal crisis. policy of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A study published by UBS Bank and Auditing Company PwC in October showed that the accumulated wealth of billionaires in the world set a new record of $ 10,200 billion, $ 8.9 billion higher than Previous record was set in 2017.

The COVID-19 pandemic made the world stock market wobble in March, leading to the departure of some members of the billionaire club.

However, the strong rebound of technology and medical stocks subsequently helped many giants in these fields “contribute” to the list of billionaires as well as increase the wealth of billionaires. ./.

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