What are the advantages of teleworking? – EconomyMorning

It has now been just a year since millions of French people have been forced to telecommute.

More productivity by telecommuting

A shame, when we know that in the world before, every day, of employers refused to telework their employees, even one or two days a week, for fear that they would lazy at home.

However, a year later, the finding is edifying. Not only does telework not harm productivity, but it would stimulate it, according to a study by the Sapiens Institute. The institute even puts forward a figure = + 22% productivity. Reason number 1: when you work from home, there is no wasted time. No coffee breaks or cigarette breaks with colleagues during which the world changed, or the boss’s suit. No extended meetings either. And no business lunches outside that go on forever.

More sleep time

Of course, the living room sofa gives us an eye for a nap, not to mention Netflix or even, the washing machine to empty. But the results are clearly positive, in favor of teleworking. We spend a lot more time on Facebook in the office than at home! Another negligible time saving, which improves productivity: the elimination of commuting time to work. Not only is it reinvested in sleep or for the family, but it reduces the level of stress to which the employee is exposed in normal times.

So of course, teleworking is not a panacea. Being alone at home isn’t fun every day either. But to be able to go out for a run, to be able to go out .. to run, to be able to take a short break, without asking permission from anyone, or to be subjected to an angry look, that’s also a big advantage. To meditate.