What are the compulsory and recommended vaccines for your dog?

To welcome a dog is to be responsible for its well-being and its health. The master, to ensure the good health of his faithful companion, must carry out regular medical monitoring. During this follow-up, some vaccines are mandatory to protect the dog from certain fatal diseases. It is also for a good prevention of the cohabitation of the master and his dog.

Dog vaccines and the law in France

No vaccine is subject to French law except the anti rabies vaccine for dangerous dogs which are classified into two categories. Category 1 is made up of attack dogs. These dogs are not purebred and do not appear in the LOF (the book of French origins). They have been banned in France since 2010. Category 2 concerns guard and defense dogs recognized by the LOF. The best known is the Rottweiler, then the purebred Tosa and the purebred American Staffordshire terrier too.

However, although the rabies vaccine is not mandatory for other dogs, it is recommended that it be done. It might be required when you are traveling or reside in certain places like a campsite.

Why vaccinate dogs?

Administering vaccines to dogs is to protect them from certain deadly diseases. It is a protection that you give your dog against contagious diseases. As in some establishments mentioned above, the vaccination of your dog is required as when you have to part with it and put it on sale for example. Likewise, if he has to go to a shelter or associations during your absence.

Taking insurance for your dog can be a good plan for his medical follow-up. If he falls ill and has to undergo surgical or other acts, these acts may be covered by the insurance. However, most insurance companies provide support on the condition that the dog is vaccinated regularly as indicated by the veterinarian.

What are the compulsory vaccines?

Here are 7 vaccines that are recommended for your dog:

  • Rabies, as seen above, in addition to being fatal, is transmitted to humans.
  • Kennel cough is a violent cough that a dog can contract in a shelter or kennel.
  • Piroplasmosis, transmitted by ticks, jaundice is fatal.
  • Distemper, it is contagious and causes serious neurological consequences, even fatal.
  • Leptospirosis is found in the urine of rodents and causes kidney infection and hepatitis. It is deadly.
  • Parvovirus causes hemorrhagic and often fatal diarrhea in young dogs.
  • Contagious canine hepatitis or Rubarth’s disease affects the kidneys and liver. The disease is rare, but remains fatal.

Vaccination of the dog is done from its second month and reminders must be done at the time recommended by the veterinarian. You can also ask your veterinarian what vaccines he recommends for your dog based on his age and the region where you live.

Even if vaccines are not mandatory, for the well-being of your dog, remember to vaccinate him regularly according to the recommendations of your veterinarian. Above all, when he begins to age, his immune defense weakens. The cost of a vaccine is from 55 €.

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