What are the differences in character between a cat and a female cat?

Some claim that cats and female cats are different in terms of character, others claim that in cats, the character does not vary much between the two sexes, but that there are on the other hand some modifications after their sterilization. What exactly is it? It is important to take stock before adopting a small feline, because the character of the animal can influence the choice of a master. But what also matters is to distinguish character and behavior. This is what we will see together.

Cat and pussy: the characters are similar

Contrary to popular belief, in cats there is no no significant differences in character between a male and a female of the same breed. We can therefore ensure that there are a large number of traits common to all cats, whether they are males or females. In fact, both are mainly:

  • Curious,
  • Independent,
  • Attached to their territory,
  • Customary.

In addition, males and females are cuddled … at their leisure.

Character of a cat and a female cat: the life story in question

Some feline breeds are more affectionate than others, or even more independent. But the personality of a cat or a cat is forged especially over time. It is therefore largely the animal’s past that impacts its character. There are many factors that come into play. It may for example be:

  • The weaning conditions and the age at which the kitten was separated from its mother,
  • Of master’s behavior towards his animal, knowing that a cat or a cat will have a different character depending on whether his breeder has been affectionate or on the contrary violent towards him.

Likewise, a small feline used to being around humans will be very different afterwards compared to a male or female cat living far from humans. Theeducation that the animal received and its socialization have a great influence on his character. Also, when choosing a cat, it is very important to learn about its life history. However, it should be noted that with patience and lots of love, a master has the possibility of changing – at least in part – certain character traits of his little companion.

Character and behavior of a cat or a female cat: what’s the difference?

He should not confuse character and behavior. Moreover, behaviorists are unanimous: it is more at this level that we can see some dissimilarities between a cat and a female cat. And these differences essentially show up as long as these little cats are not sterilized.

What distinguishes them above all is the urine marking, and it has little to do with character. The male deposits jets of urine all over the house, a problem to which the master of a cat is not frequently exposed! But the problem disappears after the tomcat is castrated. And when it comes to cats, they are different from males during the heat, which no longer takes place after their sterilization. This intervention shows a behavior improvement and a reduction in aggression in the small cats of both sexes which generally become quieter, and then there is hardly any difference between a cat and a cat.

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