What are the different dog insurance formulas?

It exists three main categories dog health insurance formulas, each guaranteeing a very specific level of care. The contribution also varies from one contract to another. Let’s find out about these formulas, their level of guarantee, their average cost, and see what is the simplest and most effective solution to choose the right contract for your animal in the blink of an eye.

Entry-level dog formula

This is a low-cost contract, namely the cheapest offered by different pet health insurance companies. The membership fee is around from 5 to 8 € per month. Support is limited. This solution is useful for dealing with small everyday accidents involving, for example, transporting the dog by ambulance, some laboratory examinations and hospitalization costs.

This basic formula, dubbed by some insurers the “Accident Formula”, has a relatively low annual reimbursement ceiling which does not cover all veterinary expenses in the event of a serious problem requiring intensive care.

Intermediate Formula for Dogs

This is a mid-range contract guaranteeing the coverage of surgical costs for dog illness or accident. The monthly contribution is between 10 and 18 €. Many insurers include in this type of contract partial coverage of the costs linked to the sterilization of the animal (male or female), in the order of around fifty euros. But this guarantee is not included in all mid-range contracts, far from it.

With a higher annual reimbursement ceiling than in the case of a basic formula, this dog health insurance does not however allow full reimbursement in the event of heavy veterinary expenses. It can therefore remain a heavy financial part to be borne by the owner of the animal.

Premium dog formula

Also called Formula Equilibre Plus, Complete formula or even a top-of-the-range formula according to the company, it offers a optimal guarantee. His minimum monthly contribution is over 30 € and can reach 50 € with some insurers. Within the limit of the annual reimbursement ceiling, it covers at least part of the consultations, examinations, hospitalization, scaling by a veterinarian specializing in dentistry, costs related to euthanasia and funeral costs, etc.

For this kind of Premium formula, the reimbursement ceiling is much higher than for the other two types of contracts since it can reach 2,000 to 2,500 € per year. In many cases, the owner of the animal can therefore be reimbursed 100% of its health expenses. This makes it possible to cope with many veterinary acts, whether in the event of illness or accident. Of course, the expenses which exceed the ceiling remain the responsibility of the owner of the dog. Note that today we find a company that applies a reimbursement ceiling of € 7,200 per year for the insured dog, subject however to a tidy contribution!

The prevention package to supplement dog insurance plans

To allow its customers to choose a personalized contract responding as best as possible to the needs of their dog, many insurers offer a prevention package, at an additional cost. This additional contract covers at least partially many preventive acts. These include, for example, sterilization, vaccination, dog identification, health check, antiparasitics and other dewormers but also certain maintenance products such as eye lotion. This package can also help finance therapeutic foods prescribed by the veterinarian.

Why insure your dog with a mutual health insurance?

Making this decision is important for facilitate access to care for your pet since at least part of veterinary expenses can be reimbursed by insurance. Of course, this type of subscription is not compulsory, but it is strongly recommended. This is the key to taking care of the health of your dog throughout his life without spending too much money, guaranteeing him the best care in the event of a problem but also protecting him as soon as you also subscribe to a Prevention package.

The veterinary rates not being supervised in our country, the note can very quickly reach new heights if a dog is injured or falls seriously ill. In the event of tight budget, a master can decide, death in the heart, not to make treat his animal quite simply because he does not have the possibility of meeting this type of expense. Insuring your dog with health insurance is therefore a responsible act.

It is essential to choose a contract as soon as possible, insurance companies covering dogs from the age of 3 months. On the other hand, many of them impose an age limit beyond which they refuse any new subscription request.

How do you compare dog insurance plans to choose the best one for you?

Connecting to a dog health insurance comparator allows you to be quickly informed of the various formulas offered, and to compare both the prices and the reimbursement rates.

Be careful to read the terms and conditions before subscribing. The reimbursement ceiling, exclusions, age limit, deductible, waiting period or even the obligation to provide a health questionnaire completed by the veterinarian upon subscription must be mentioned. Each company imposes its limits, sets its rates and guarantees. It is up to the consumer to play competition …

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