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At first glance, renewing your passport may seem tedious. Sometimes you push back the deadline until you realize that you really have to follow the steps. Here are the different steps to renew your passport.

How do you go about renewing your passport?

Like any other piece of identification, the passport has an expiration date. It must therefore be renewed and it can sometimes be a real headache. Indeed, waiting times vary from one municipality to another. To renew your passport, you must go in person to any town hall. It is possible to pre-apply for a passport online with an ANTS account or via France Connect.

For passport renewal, it is also possible to use a private service such as passports.fr. This service makes it easier to renew your passport. The online request is made in 5 minutes on the site, the pre-request is received within 48 hours. This service also allows you to get in touch with the town hall by offering the least amount of waiting time.

What supporting documents do I need to provide to renew my passport?

Several supporting documents are required in order to renew their passport. When it comes to passport theft, you will have to bring your passport pre-application or the town hall file, the declaration of loss of theft and an identity photo respecting the standards of less than 6 months. This must be taken by a professional or in a booth using an approved system. In addition, you will need to bring a tax stamp, proof of address of less than one year and your identity card.

If you simply want to renew your passport before it expires, you will have to bring your ANTS pre-application or the town hall file, an identity photo, a fiscal stamp, proof of address of less than one year, your old passport and a photocopy of your passport.

What to do in the event of an expired passport?

If you have just realized that your passport has expired, you will need to make an appointment with your town hall to renew it. For this, make a pre-request on the ANTS government site or via a private service. You will then need to collect several supporting documents.

Bring the pre-application, an identity photo of less than 6 months, a fiscal stamp that you can buy on the internet or in a press office, your identity card, your old passport, proof of address of less than ‘one year and a photocopy of your passport. In the event that your identity card is also expired, you will need to provide proof of French nationality, whether it is a civil status certificate or a certificate of nationality.

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