What awaits employees who refuse the health pass after the summer …

The bill aiming to extend the Health Pass in France also provides for an obligation of Health Pass for certain employees: it will apply after the summer holidays and… may well create great tensions in the company. Especially since in all cases, the employee will have to submit to it or suffer the consequences …

The health pass for employees concerns a large number of people

If only caregivers and a few other professions will have a vaccination obligation, despite the rebellion of opponents, other employees will be subject, from August 30, 2021, to an obligation of health Pass. However, the government provides for the reimbursement of anti-covid tests which, moreover, are only valid for 48 hours as a health pass. Employees who would not be vaccinated would therefore have no choice but to pay out of their own pocket several hundred euros per month for screening tests and to take tests every two days.

The idea, for the government, is simple: to force, in fact, the employees to be vaccinated. However, many of them have to present a health pass: all employees of establishments receiving more than 50 people (restaurants, cultural venues, railway workers, shopping center employees, etc.)

The government has announced a deadline for presenting this health pass: it will not have to be presented until August 30, 2021. It is therefore after the summer holidays that tensions in companies will begin.

No health pass? Unable to work

Without a health pass, from August 30, 2021 it will be impossible for them to work, access to their workplace being quite simply prohibited. A real headache for employees and for the company, but which will above all cause harm to the former.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021 in the evening, Élisabeth Borne, Minister of Labor, gave details concerning the most recalcitrant employees (or those who, by August 30, 2021, would not have succeeded in obtaining a complete vaccination, therefore two doses of vaccine – or one for those who have recovered from Covid-19 – plus a delay of 7 days after the last dose).

The contract will be suspended, without remuneration, and once the Health Pass is valid, the contract will resume », Simply declared the guest minister on the set of BFMTV. A suspension without pay, of course. But that’s not all.

Suspended contract, holidays and even dismissal possible …

The suspension of the contract for two months without pay will therefore be the main penalty for employees who do not have a Health Pass on August 30, 2021, but solutions exist: employees can take leave or RTT during this period so as not to remain without pay. The employer can also offer the employee a position where he would not be in direct contact with the public, which, in fact, would exempt him from the Health Pass.

After two months, what happens? Simple: the employee and the employer can agree, by mutual agreement, on an extension of the suspension of the contract without remuneration. Otherwise, a dismissal ” for personal reasons Will be considered. ” It is a real and serious cause of not being able to finally do your job, since you cannot stay at your workplace. », Specified the minister on BFMTV. She recalls that this reason for dismissal gives rise to the right to “ all the guarantees of the procedure provided for in this case “And” severance pay for the employee “. And of course to unemployment benefits.