What color to associate white with in the rooms of your house?

White color is a must. For some, white is not even a color as it is obvious. It’s a neutral tone that’s neither calming nor exciting. However, it gives its beauty to all the other colors. By its purity, it visually enlarges the space and gives an impression of depth to small surfaces. In decoration, it attenuates sharp separations, physical borders. It is a timeless color that, if one looks closely, is used in any interior. White has a very strong symbolism. It is associated with light. Because it reflects it, where the other colors will absorb it.

No need to tell you that all colors go really well with white because white is a neutral. All the colors you can think of: blue, red, yellow, orange, purple, etc. This article aims to show you the variety of possibilities that exist.

Consider white for what it is – a blank page, a pristine backdrop, a blank surface. No matter what color you pair it with, it creates contrast. Or else intense, which aims to energize the room and its decoration. Or in half-tone, which gives a chic and cozy atmosphere, very soothing. With his alter ego, black, you will have yet another effect.

Where do you find the colors in the rooms of your house?

Small memo of the places that can take the color white or the color that you will associate with it:

  • the walls of your room and their coating, including paint or wallpaper, etc.
  • the floor of your room and its covering, especially vinyl or carpet, etc.
  • the furniture in your room, i.e. cabinets, tables, dressers, sofas, shelves, etc.
  • the fabrics in your room such as cushions, curtains and bed linen, etc.
  • fixtures in your room such as halogen lamps, bedside lamps, etc.

White in combination for endless possibilities

White paired with another color is anything but boring. It is a vibrant and bright color that offers endless decoration possibilities. You can pair it with natural shades, neutral colors or bright hues, it is never cold. Take inspiration from the colors below.

Candy pink

Even if it means choosing pink, you might as well assume it frankly. Candy pink is the color full of energy par excellence. This is not the most discreet. However, associating white with candy pink is no problem. It is a perfect combination for a child’s bedroom or for a playroom. It is a combination that would be very suitable for a creative workshop or a DIY workshop. It’s light, bright, almost fun at the same time. And then, if you add tints of copper or gold, it’s even prettier!

Flashy orange

On a related note, you can opt for a vibrant orange. It is a very lively and cheerful color to associate with your white. Both original and full of personality, this color duo is perfect in the kitchen. Or you can, like the candy pink, reserve it at a game room.

Sky blue

Blue, in decoration as elsewhere, is one of the most popular colors, whatever its shade. It’s relaxing and versatile, and when it comes to a sky hue, pairing it with white will make it pop and shine. Think of the associations in nature: a pretty blue sky and a few white clouds, beautiful turquoise waves caressing the white sand. These two colors form a harmonious couple that reminds us of a soothing paradise and relaxing nature.

Raspberry red

It is a very singular color. Intense, lively, it is a luminous color. Associated with white, it offers a remarkable style. It’s a daring mix. Since it instantly attracts attention, it should be used sparingly. Harmony and elegance are the keys to highlighting this color duo.

Shades of beige

White combined with different shades of beige brings a lot of softness to an interior. For a living room or a bedroom, this association transforms them into a cocoon. If you want to play the card of subtlety and sophistication, this might be a good choice.

Navy blue

Do you want a refreshing atmosphere? Whatever your room, pair white with navy blue for a sophisticated edge. It may seem traditional, nautical, aquatic, deja vu. However, this combination is constantly reinventing itself due to the new shades of blue.

Chocolate brown

For a neutral yet stylish choice, try contrasting white with a pretty chocolate brown. It’s pretty classic but less expected than the combination of black and white. Think about it for an industrial type decoration because the brown of the leather softens the rest of the decoration. And the white walls light up the chocolate brown furniture.

Mint green

Soft and pure, it is a color that combined with white works in any room of the house. Neither too “girly” nor too kitsch, it creates relaxation and openness in the room where you have chosen to highlight it. This duo fits perfectly in a bathroom.


Do you dislike the color? Do you want exclusively black and white? Know that a black and white palette is timeless and classic. Although sober, it offers multiple decoration possibilities: Scandinavian spirit, bohemian chic, design and contemporary, etc. Plenty of white cushions on a plain black sofa, it’s a modern yet cozy choice.

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