What documents are needed to purchase pet insurance?

Sharing your daily life with an animal means providing it with all the care it may need. If they live longer because of a life more comfortable and less risky than the wild life, the animals which live with us can however be victims of diseases. Insurance makes it easier to consider interventions that can quickly turn out to be costly. Depending on the animal, insurance for any damage your companion may cause may even be mandatory. Do you then have to produce specific documents to purchase animal insurance?

Civil liability

It is not compulsory to insure your pet. Be aware, however, that as the owner of the animal, you are responsible for all material damage and bodily injury that it may cause. to a third party, of course if he is under your surveillance, but also if he has escaped or lost his way.

If this happens, your civil liability is incurred because there is no civil liability for animals. This is logical because it would be necessary to define responsible behavior in the human sense of the offending animal. Note that if you can prove that the victim is at the origin of the hostile behavior of your animal, either by provocations or by an attitude aimed at stoking the aggressiveness of the animal, your responsibility will not necessarily be retained.

Open dialogue with the insurer

Among all the insurances to which you have been able to subscribe, comprehensive home insurance is often the one that covers damage caused by a domestic or similar animal such as small rodents or fish. It is important to contact your insurer to confirm your protection and remove any doubt about your situation.

If you have acquired an animal after having taken out home insurance, you must update your situation and notify your insurer of the presence of animals in the household. Indeed, there are cases where you risk not being covered: dangerous dog, hunting dog, reptiles, monkeys, cattle, etc. Any cover-up on your part is more likely to cause you harm, and the savings you think you will make at one point may cost you much more in the future. In addition, for the keeping of certain animals, specific insurance is compulsory.

In cases where home insurance is sufficient, if the damage or accident involving your pet concerns your household or your relatives (family or friends), you will not be able to receive any compensation.

Situation changes

It is necessary to report changes in the situation such as “transfer of custody”From the insurer. This is done when you entrust your pet for an extended period.
For a simple walk or a guard of a few hours, your responsibility as owner of the animal remains engaged. However, if you place your animal in boarding during your vacation, or in the veterinarian for intervention of several hours, the liability may be modified.

The documents needed to take out animal insurance

Certain animals or certain situations may require specific procedures and the production of precise documents. Any insurer will check that you comply with the legislation before validating a contract and will ask for the corresponding supporting documents.

In the case of keeping a dog, if you wish to take out insurance in order to be reimbursed for veterinary expenses, proof of vaccinations against distemper, Rubarth’s hepatitis, leptospirosis, leishmaniasis, parvovirus and rabies, you are usually required.

For classified dogs dangerous, like attack dogs (pitbull, boerbull, tosa-inu) and guard or defense dogs (staffordshire bull terrier, rottweiller, etc.), it is mandatory to take a certain number of steps.

The lack of insurance of these animals is punishable by a fine of a maximum amount of 450 €. Moreover, given the dangerousness they represent, your family members and relatives are considered as third parties, unlike the cases mentioned above.

Between the age of 8 months and 1 year, the dog must be behavioral assessment by an approved veterinarian who communicates his observations to the mayor of your municipality of residence, as well as to the national identification file for domestic carnivores (Icad). This assessment is a prerequisite for the mayor to issue a detention permit valid without time limit. If the dog is younger, it is a pre-trial detention permit valid for up to one year. The dog must absolutely be up to date with the vaccination against rabies.

The owner must also follow a training aiming to make it suitable to keep such dogs, and to be able to attest to it. It takes place over one day and covers education, dog behavior and accident prevention. At the end of the training, the owner receives a certificate of aptitude. A second copy is sent by the training organization to the prefect of the department where you live.

The holding of cash from the wildlife requires detention permits and marking, depending on the species, by radiofrequency transponder, tattooing, ring or ear tag. An authorization to open a non-professional breeding establishment is also necessary for the majority of species that are protected, dangerous, fragile in captivity or liable to harm the environment. These procedures are to be carried out with the Departmental Directorate of Population Protection.

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