What does cat health insurance offer?

If you want to ensure your cat a veterinary follow-up and care at a lower cost, the only solution is to take out an insurance contract with a mutual health insurance for pets. By paying a monthly contribution, the owner of the animal can thus be reimbursed, partially or totally, the amount of his expenses. Animal insurance companies offer different formulas. It is therefore necessary to choose the one that best meets the needs of your little feline after reviewing the extent of the guarantees but also on little extras that can be added to the contract. So let’s see what exactly cat health insurance offers.

Cat health insurance: variable coverage levels and reimbursement rates

Animal insurance specialists all offer different degrees of coverage. The higher the range, the more the cat benefits from a high level of coverage, and the reimbursement rate also increases. So :

  • The formula the least expensive offers coverage generally limited to health costs following an accident, for a reimbursement rate of 50 to 60%.
  • The formula of midrange allows the owner to be reimbursed at least partially for health expenses for accident and illness as well as for the hospitalization of his cat. The reimbursement rate is around 70%.
  • The formula premium offers a very wide level of coverage since in addition to consultations and veterinary procedures for accident or illness, medicines, additional examinations, surgery, hospitalization, emergency transport, rehabilitation, etc. may also be covered by the insurer if it includes this type of service in the contract. For this top-of-the-range formula, the reimbursement rate is 90 to 100%.

Be careful, however, all cat health insurance companies set a annual reimbursement limit beyond which the expenses incurred remain the responsibility of the master. This limit varies from one insurer to another. It can be around 700 € for the cheapest formula and around 2,000 € for the high-end formula. When we read ” X% reimbursement rate “We must therefore understand” within the limit of the annual reimbursement ceiling »Regardless of the rate set by the insurer.

Cat health insurance: the prevention contract

To offer his little companion the best health coverage, the master can choose to add a Prevention package to his contract insofar as he does not wish to subscribe to a premium formula generally including this type of service.

This is a variable amount from one company to another, allocated for one year and therefore renewable each year, making it possible to finance at least part of what the cat’s health insurance does not cover, namely for example:

  • Consultations with a behaviorist veterinarian,
  • The annual health check,
  • The vaccination,
  • Identification,
  • Sterilization of a male or female,
  • Dewormers,
  • Antiparasitics,
  • Alternative medicine such as acupuncture, homeopathy, osteopathy …,
  • Cleaning lotions for teeth, ears, nose, eyes,
  • Therapeutic foods provided they are purchased on prescription from the veterinarian,
  • Certain cat accessories like the basket, the harness, etc.

The amount of the annual Prevention package for a cat varies between approximately € 30 and € 120. To benefit from it, the owner of the animal must of course justify his expenses by sending the paid invoices to the company.

Death guarantee for cats

Some insurers offer a death guarantee for cats. To the premature death of the animal, they then pour a indemnity to the teacher in order to help him:

  • Finance the costs related to the cremation or burial of the kitty,
  • Buy a new pet.

In this type of optional warranty, there are exclusions that you should be aware of before committing. It can be, for example, euthanasia decided without legal or medical reason, death following mistreatment inflicted on the cat by its owner or even the death of the animal during the waiting period. .

How to choose health insurance for your cat?

To offer the must to his little companion, insofar as the master can afford to pay a high subscription, he just needs to take out a high-end contract including the Prevention package. In this case, it will cost him 80 € per month at the very least, but his cat will be perfectly covered. In the event of major health problems, the insurer will reimburse a large part of the health expenses, if not all. Note that the monthly contribution for a basic formula is around ten euros at most.

The best way to quickly receive various offers from mutual health insurance for animals is to connect to a cat insurance comparator and complete the dedicated form. The owner must generally specify the breed, sex, age and name of his cat as well as his medical history, and provide an email address so that he can quickly receive offers from different companies.

All that remains is to know the reimbursement rates, the level of guarantee, the annual reimbursement limit, the price of the insurance policy but also the application or not of a waiting period and ‘a franchise. You must also check the list of exclusions and the age limit beyond which a company can refuse to insure a cat. To avoid running this risk, it is recommended to insure your little feline as soon as possible, namely from the age of 2 months.

Even if your cat’s health insurance costs a little money, purchasing it is a precaution. We can thus consult a veterinarian for a routine visit but also have his little companion treated at a lower cost and therefore, allow him to live as long as possible in good health.

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