What does your voice reveal about your personality? – EconomyMorning

It is possible to work on your voice by singing or by taking elocution lessons. However, there are things that she cannot betray. According to German researchers, it could reveal part of your personality.

The voice reveals information about the person

When you pick up your phone, even if you don’t have the person in front of you, it is possible to get a rough idea of ​​who you are talking to. Is it a man, a woman, an elderly person or a child? Is this person sad, happy, angry, attentive? Just with the voice it is possible to know a lot of things.

Some people have a pleasant voice to hear, others on the contrary are painful to listen to. Beyond the sound that is emitted, researchers at the University of Göttingen are interested in the character that is associated with a type of voice. To conduct their study, the scientists analyzed data from more than 2,000 participants and included information from four different countries.

Does your voice express your personality?

The results of this study were published in the Journal of Research in Personality. They claim that people with deep voices are more dominant, more outgoing, and more sociosexual (i.e., more interested in sex outside of a relationship). However, some character traits are not expressed in the pitch of the voice. In addition, the researchers found no difference between men and women.

According to Dr. Julia Stern, lead author of this study, Our work suggests that some people express certain aspects of their personality through their voice. “. However, the study failed to establish a link between tone of voice and other character traits such as openness or pessimism. Fortunately, our voice does not always betray us.