What equipment is essential to accommodate a cat?

When adopting a kitten, it is essential to ensure the minimum of comfort. Purchase the appropriate equipment for games, meals or even hygiene. Here is the list.

For rest

It’s no secret that cats are heavy sleepers. It is therefore advisable to offer them a comfortable bed so that they can rest in complete serenity. Needless to say, the choices are very wide in this area: cushion, basket, basket, hammock, house, dome … Be careful not to invest in too expensive sleeping arrangements. It happens that the cats sulk their basket and prefer to bask in another place. It must be said that they are comfortable everywhere.

To drink

Cats are very sensitive when it comes to drinking. Some people will only like glass bowls to drink for example. Plastic models are also not recommended because they tend to change the taste of the water. Other cats will prefer the water to be moving. In this case, opt for the water fountain. This offers several advantages: the water is always clean thanks to an efficient filtration system, it emits stimulating water games with the help of the pump which also allows it to be constantly refreshed, without forgetting the absence of water. ‘smell and taste. Otherwise, bet on water dispensers which will be more advisable in the event of the presence of several cats.

To eat

It is desirable that the kitten always have its food available. He is able to manage the amount of food he has to eat. Once an adult, it is up to you to define your daily ration to avoid overweight problems. The ideal is to opt for a stainless steel or ceramic bowl which is more solid, antibacterial and does not alter the taste of the food. You can also opt for a feed dispenser which has the advantage of regulating the amount of feed. These machines work automatically. If you have to be away, you can schedule the distribution of the dry food in advance.

cat bowl

To play

The game contributes enormously to the well-being of the cat, which is why manufacturers compete in imagination to come up with gadgets that are each as stimulating and fun as the next. Lasers, fishing rods, tumblers, balls and other play areas are commercially available. On the other hand, it is not recommended to amuse your four-legged friend with your own hands, otherwise you will be victims of bites and scratches.

To stay clean

The litter box is an accessory that should not be neglected when welcoming your kitten into your home. Cats are also very demanding on this point. If they don’t like the smell or texture of their litter, they may defecate elsewhere. So you have to choose the one they like. You can bet on litters made from paper, wood or clay. As for the tray, it can be fitted with an integrated carbon filter, open with a door, etc.


For your trips on vacation, to friends or to the veterinarian, transport your pet with the adapted equipment such as a closed basket or a transport box. Wicker, plastic, fabric or wire mesh… the choice is vast.

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