What if gaming contributed to women’s interest in scientific studies? – EconomyMorning

While 47% of French gamers are actually gamers, there is still a long way to go before gaming, and other disciplines considered to be masculine, are no longer the ground of prejudice. This is again, for example, the case for studies in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM): according to a recent UNESCO study, women still represent only 28% of graduates in engineering, and 40% of graduates in engineering. computer science.

It is now imperative to empower girls and women to access STEM studies and careers. What if playing video games could help? A study by Dr Anesa Hosein, from the UK University of Surrey, found that playing video games among 13-14 year old girls often leads to STEM studies. The ” heavy gamers (Those who practice this activity for at least nine hours a week) are in fact three times more inclined to pursue this type of study than those who do not play.

The game, a very powerful educational tool

Although there is still a lot of opposition from teachers to integrating video games into their educational program, the value of using video game pedagogy is no longer to be proven. For example, Geckoman, a game developed by researchers at Northeastern University, teaches the basics of nanotechnology to college students. Children cannot move from one level to the next without learning some principles. They have fun and learn at all levels.

Of course, video games will never replace traditional learning, but, used wisely, they turn out to be a particularly interesting complementary method. From elementary school to middle school, even before students choose a specific focus, video games can enable STEM education as they teach skills such as analytical thinking, multitasking, strategy development, problem solving and teamwork.

Encouraging gamers in their practice would therefore encourage them to cultivate an interest in STEM very early on. According to Dr Anesa Hosein, educators seeking to interest more students in the world of mathematics, science and technology should therefore logically “Target gamers, because they may already have a natural interest in these topics. “ This will not only increase the number of women in STEM, the world of video games itself will be changed.