What if you traveled to space once in your life? – EconomyMorning

The first space tourists therefore flew to the stars on Sunday July 11, aboard the VSS Unity rocket plane.

The first travelers in space, apart from the astronauts

To be very frank, they are not yet the first real space tourists who have flown over our beautiful planet at an altitude of 80 kilometers, but employees of Virgin Galactic handpicked to accompany their charismatic boss, Richard Branson.

On the other hand, next July 20, so in a big week, there will indeed be a real tourist aboard the New Shepeard rocket, launched by Blue Origin, the company of Jeff Bezos, the most recent retired ex-boss of Amazon. This first real space tourist, whose identity and origin are for the moment kept top secret, spent no less than $ 28 million to make a real round-the-world trip at very high altitude. This rocket ticket to space was auctioned at 4.5 million euros, before its price soared, and was multiplied by 7.

Traveling in space, the dream of a life that will soon be possible

Now, do you or I have a slight chance of ever being able to go to space?

The answer is: maybe. Some experts estimate that in thirty years or so, a ticket to the upper atmosphere will cost less than 50,000 euros. The most optimistic even bet on the installation of hotels in orbit around the Earth. Tomorrow, the trip of a lifetime may no longer be the Honeymoon, but the 48 hours spent in orbit around the Earth.

Now let’s get concrete: If you don’t really like it when your plane goes through turbulence and the captain asks you to fasten your seat belt, tell yourself that space travel will remain for a few decades, if not more, a sacred adventure, which is more risky than crossing the street to buy cigarettes …