What is a canine security guard or dog handler? Training, interventions

Protecting, controlling, monitoring, rescuing, all this is part of the missions of a Cynophile Security Officer and his dog. They work as a team and training is necessary to practice this profession.

What is a dog security guard or dog handler?

A Cynophile Security Guard is also called a dog handler. He works in pairs with his dog, whatever his intervention. The dog handler and his dog exercise a profession of surveillance and protection of a place and its residents. Their mission is also to bring aid to victims and to carry out research of various kinds. The dog handler always works with the dog he has trained and he has a professional card to exercise his profession. The dog is listed on his card.

What training to become a dog handler?

To exercise the profession of dog handler or dog security guard in the private sector, you must have completed training at an establishment approved by the CNAPS (National Council for Private Security Activities). The dog handler and his dog must complete a 490 hour training course together and obtain a professional card at the end of this training.

If the dog handler wishes to work in the gendarmerie, the police, the firefighters or the army, the police, he must already be part of one of these bodies before entering their training, because they also dispense with it. However, places are very limited and selection is difficult.

In all cases a dog handler must be in good physical condition, he must be very comfortable with dogs to create a good relationship with him and he must have good self-control in the face of difficult and stressful situations. If the dog handler wishes to add a dog or change dogs, he must complete a 70-hour training course with the latter. In addition, in the event that the dog security guard proceeds to a retraining of profession, it should be known that his professional qualification certificate of security guard is the equivalent of a CAP / BEP level. The salary of a dog security guard ranges from € 1,550 to € 3,000 gross, with certain bonuses for public holidays, nights, the dog bonus or the basket bonus.

What type of intervention do dog handlers act on?

The dog security guard and his dog can work for private companies or for the State as in the gendarmerie or the army. Surveillance is thus carried out in public places such as stations, airports or borders, where they may be called upon to carry out control missions. Missions for the State are often oriented towards relief, such as looking for victims during an avalanche, an earthquake or the disappearance of a person. The dog handler and his companion are also involved in the search for narcotics, explosives or thieves.

In the private sector, they are often called upon to perform surveillance missions such as night guarding in an establishment, or day surveillance in a private residence in order to protect the site and its occupants.

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