What is the age limit for insuring my pet?

Theage is the key element in purchasing pet insurance. This criterion depends on the price and the guarantees. Generally speaking, for an aging dog or cat, the covers are more expensive and the level of reimbursement is lower. Explanations.

How age is a determining factor in insuring your animal?

Cats and dogs are generally considered to fall into the category senior Starting from 7 years old. Over the years, pets will experience increased health problems such as joint difficulties, cardiac, kidney deficiencies, etc … With the decline in visual and hearing acuity, felines will gradually lose their ability to detect danger, thus increasing the risk of accidents or falls. As they age, the dog will also become vulnerable to disease and physical incidents. Visits to the vet will be more frequent and increase the budget for care.

What is the age limit for insuring my pet?

Faced with the increase in healthcare costs, the vast majority of insurance companies refuse an animal of 7 years or more. Some do not accept to cover animals over 5 years old and others, more rare, delay this limit to 10 years. A dog’s life expectancy is partly related to its breed and it is believed that large templates are likely to develop certain pathologies that can lead to significant health costs. For example, the longevity of a Saint Bernard is estimated at 9 years and 16 years for a dachshund. However, you will find organisms that do not distinguish between breed or type for dogs and cats. For the NAC, the age limit for subscribing to a contract is generally set at 3 years (up to 10 years for a parrot with a longer life expectancy). These animals can also be the subject of formulas adapted to the risks of disease and weaknesses specific to each species.

Are there health insurances with no age limit?

As seen previously, many companies do not accept the subscription of new contracts for older animals because the profitability is not guaranteed over the long term. However, in this competitive market, more and more providers do not apply any age limit. If your budget allows it, mutuals offer contracts limitless of age. Note that at equal benefit, this type of mutual health insurance costs more than a traditional contract because it is proportional to the risks taken by the insurer. The older the animal, the more expensive the cover and the limited cover (diseases excluded, for example…). For seniors, the deductibles are higher as well as the waiting periods and the reimbursement rate inferior.

What conditions must be met to insure an aging animal?

When taking out the contract for an aging animal, insurance companies impose conditions including a health declaration. In this way, the insurer checks by means of a medical form to be completed by your veterinarian and the health record that your animal does not suffer from a hereditary disease or chronic. In addition, the organization is entitled to require that your dog or cat be identified by electronic chip or tattoo (as a reminder, identification is mandatory). The provider may also request that the vaccinations annuals are up to date.

How to find a mutual without age limit?

To find a mutual without age limit, you can go through a free and easy-to-use online comparator. With this very practical tool, you will complete a form informing the characteristics of your animal and your expectations. Insurers offer products covering the needs and risks to which your companion is predisposed. It is then a question of choosing the formula adapted to its species and its race. Some proposals are presented to the map : accident, illnesses (diabetes, hyperthyroidism, renal impairment, periodontitis, etc.), major surgeries … it’s up to you to choose the options that you think are the most suitable for your companion. Once your criteria are met, you will receive the most competitive of the market. It may be wise to purchase coverage that covers the cost of euthanasia andfuneral of your animal.

Don’t know the exact age of your pet?

You wish to offer a mutual health insurance to your animal but you do not know its date of birth. Without official document attesting to his age, know that the declaration of a veterinarian will be authentic. To determine its age, its expertise will be based on the general condition of the dog or cat: observation of the coat, eyes, muscles and especially its dentition. The estimate is more precise in young subjects but the professional will still be able to indicate a age range that the insurance company needs to accept or decline membership.

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