What is the best book damage insurance in 2020?

Do you want to find the best structural damage insurance in 2020? Find out what are the main criteria to take into account.

Even if the book damage insurance offers are not numerous on the market, it is recommended to request several quotes from insurers to benefit from the best quality / price ratio. All the explanations.

Definition of property damage insurance

DO insurance must be taken out by the client, that is to say the person who has the work built or carried out, before the site opens. When a claim occurs, this guarantee provides for the reimbursement of repair work for damage covered by the ten-year guarantee. As a reminder, these have the effect of impacting the solidity of the construction or rendering the structure unfit for the use for which it was originally intended.

Although the law does not provide for any sanction against individuals who derogate from their obligation to subscribe, damage insurance can prove particularly useful, preventing the contracting authority from having to finance the construction work himself. repair concerned.

Focus on the best property and casualty insurance contracts in 2020

Here is an overview of the best book damage insurance offers on the market in 2020:

1 – APRIL structural damage insurance

APRIL offers the PROBAT DO property damage insurance solution, a contract designed to insure for 10 years any damage linked to the construction or renovation of a single-family house. Several guarantees are associated with this contract: the non-producer manufacturer’s guarantee, the proper functioning guarantee, the consequential non-material damage guarantee and the damage guarantee to existing ones.

2 – MAAF structural damage insurance

MAAF’s structural damage insurance covers damage related to construction or renovation work for 10 years. Subscribers have access to optional guarantees. They are, for example, covered in the event of abandonment of the site or in the event of damage affecting the safety of the home. The proposed prices are calculated according to the cost of the work and additional criteria such as the existence of a soil study: 3,205 euros for work between 50,000 and 90,000 euros, 3,410 euros for work between 90 001 and 300,000 euros, 3,900 euros for work whose amount is between 300,001 and 500,000 euros.

3 – Damage insurance MIC Insurance book

The property damage insurance offered by MIC Insurance is aimed at individuals who wish to build a house or carry out large-scale renovation work. The proposed tariff for construction and renovation up to 300,000 euros is, for example, 3,264 euros. For renovation work of less than 300,000 euros, it takes an average of 2,040 euros.

How to choose the right book damage insurance?

For choose the best book damage insurance in 2020, it is necessary to examine several important points including the guarantees offered by ensuring that they correspond to its needs. It is also necessary to pay attention to the limits of compensation and the period of payment of funds in the event of a disaster. Finally, the price is an essential element.

To sort through the offers on the market, do not hesitate to compete by using an online comparator. This tool is 100% free and without obligation. Its operation is relatively simple: just fill out a quick form to access personalized quotes. The choice of the offer can be made alone or with the help of a broker perfectly familiar with the property and casualty insurance market. Going through this intermediary saves money and saves precious time.

Don’t wait any longer, ask for at least three free quotes without obligation to find the best book damage insurance 2020.

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