What is the best cat insurance in 2021?

The cost of health care for our pets is a high and often underestimated cost. Choosing good insurance is essential.

To meet these veterinary costs, insurance is an effective solution. But before subscribing to such a contract, it is better to study the conditions which differ from one insurer to another. How to find the best cat insurance in 2021? What are the prices in force on the market? Explanations.

Cat insurance, a necessity to control your budget

Cat health insurance, unlike other coverages, is not mandatory. However, it can be particularly useful when your pet has a health problem or is the victim of an accident. In fact, in this case, the subscriber will be reimbursed for the costs advanced up to the formula chosen.

Some treatments or interventions are particularly expensive and represent several hundred euros. Likewise, the onset of a chronic disease requires regular care which causes significant costs in the long term. Most cat insurance plans also include a prevention package to cover certain costs. Thus, it is strongly recommended to take out health insurance for your animal.

Cat health insurance in 2021: the different formulas

Three types of formulas are offered to cat owners. The basic or economical formulas ensure the reimbursement of costs related to major health problems such as accidents, surgeries or even radios. These insurances are generally less expensive in return for limited guarantees and the absence of coverage of routine care.

The so-called intermediate formulas provide for reimbursement of costs related to chronic and mild illnesses. More interestingly, this type of formula does not, however, support preventive interventions such as dewormers and vaccines.

If you want to benefit from optimal protection, the best solution is to opt for a premium formula which provides reimbursement for most of the costs incurred up to an annual flat rate. To get the best cat insurance 2021, do not hesitate to compare the offers online.

What is the cost of cat insurance in 2021?

There are now a large number of cat insurance policies available on the market. The guarantees and prices offered vary greatly depending on the insurer. Count on average 15 euros per month for an economical formula, 50 euros per month for an intermediate formula, nearly 70 euros per month for a premium formula. Before subscribing, remember to check the deductible which can go up to 150 euros, the waiting period as well as the reimbursement rate. These things also affect the price of your cat insurance.

You want to find the best cat insurance 2021 ? The use of a free online comparator without obligation is essential to sort through the various contracts offered on the market. In just a few clicks, it allows you to find a contract that meets your pet’s needs and your budget.

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