What is the cheapest cat insurance in 2021?

When you adopt a cat – especially for the first time – you can’t imagine how veterinary procedures are expensive. This does not exempt the owner of the animal from taking care of the health of his little companion and to have him treated urgently in the event of a hazard. But when you do not have sufficient means to face this type of expenditure, it is better to anticipate by taking out a contract with a mutual health insurance for cats. In order to benefit from best quality price report, the ideal is to use a online comparator. It’s super fast. This tool also allows you to find the cheapest cat insurance at the moment.

What types of contracts do cat mutuals offer?

Generally, these insurance companies offer three levels of coverage, namely:

  • A basic formula which allows the cat owner to be partially reimbursed in the event of veterinary care for serious health problems, whether or not linked to an accident.
  • An intermediate level formula, which reimburses care in connection with a benign health problem, a serious pathology or an accident.
  • A Premium formula with a high reimbursement ceiling. This allows for better support because this type of contract covers a large majority of the expenses incurred. It may include, with some insurers, a additional guarantee for the preventive acts so that the cat is even better covered.

Obviously, the higher the level of protection, the higher the cost of the policy. Thus, for an economic or basic formula, the contribution is between 5 and 15 € per month. The policy can reach 30 to 50 € per month for an intermediate plan and easily exceed the 60 € monthly for a Premium plan.

It is therefore necessary to choose your insurance contract as needed of his cat in terms of health, knowing that he can get seriously ill overnight or to be injured. In this area, it is difficult to predict. In the event of a serious problem, a basic formula will not be enough to cover all the expenses incurred by the master to save his little companion.

How to use a comparator to find the cheapest cat insurance today?

You just need to connect to the Internet to make a cat health insurance search via a online comparator. It is necessary that to fill a form specific, but it only takes a few minutes. This is an essential step so that the comparative tool can target the offers of animal insurers in relation to the expectations of the Internet user, owner of the cat. With just a few clicks, he receives several contract proposals within a very short time.

Using an animal mutual insurance comparator is very practical, it is free and without engagement. Once the offers have been received, it remains to be aware of the general conditions: scope of guarantees, exclusions, waiting period, amount of the deductible, reimbursement ceiling, coverage of preventive acts, age limit … Every detail account. It is necessary to read them for each of the proposed contracts if we want to play the competition.

Cat insurance the least expensive in 2021 is less than € 6 / month. But beware, insurers are in fierce competition and do not hesitate to offer new offers at any time of the year. The cheapest company today may be different in a few days or months. Only the health of the cat does not wait. You have to decide quickly enough to ensure it properly and be able to care at a lower cost in case of health problem. But to choose animal health insurance, the price of the contribution is not the only criterion to take into account. What counts above all is to offer his little companion the best possible guarantees.

Some animals are more exposed than others to accidents and diseases. The kittens for example take a lot of risks when they venture out to explore their environment. They are also very exposed to certain contagious diseases. Older cats are also more fragile in health terms than others due to the aging of their bodies. Some cat owners may therefore find it preferable to opt for a superior contract if they wish to better protect their animals, even if it means paying a more expensive contribution.

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