What is the cheapest dog insurance in 2021?

Insuring your dog is necessary to have him treated in the event of an accident or illness without spending a fortune. Veterinary procedures are more and more expensive, the rates are free, so that many owners hesitate to consult when their animal is not insured. However, there are mutual health insurance for dogs that offer extended guarantees for a suitable price. Thanks to competition in the field of animal health insurance, we can therefore find a very economical solution.

Is it really useful to insure your dog with a mutual health insurance?

If there is one area in which we cannot foresee anything, it is that of the health of our domestic animals. This is why it is recommended to insure your dog as soon as possible with an animal health insurance. This is a precaution both for the welfare of the animal and for the finances of its owner.

Whether injured or sick, the insured dog can consult his veterinarian, benefit from the best possible care (examinations of all kinds, hospitalization, surgery, functional rehabilitation, radiotherapy, etc.) and the expenses incurred by his master can be reimbursed by the insurance company with which the contract was taken out. Some contracts even partially cover the costs of euthanasia and the expenses related to the cremation of the dog. A fixed price can also be paid to the master so that he can, if he wishes, partially finance the purchase of a new dog.

Dog health insurance: an increasingly wide choice

There exists a wide price range in this area, and it is sometimes difficult to navigate. Of course, the prices are related to the scope of the guarantees and the services offered by the insurers. This is why we advise anyone interested to use a online comparator to target specialized mutuals according to their financial possibilities and needs of his dog. Thanks to this comparative tool, you can receive several quotes in just a few clicks, which allows you to study each contract in peace before choosing.

Always compare:

  • Coverage levels,
  • Guarantees (accident, illness, hospitalization),
  • Annual reimbursement ceilings (they can range from € 600 to € 2,800 or more),
  • Prevention packages,
  • The exclusions,
  • Franchises,
  • Age limits,
  • Waiting periods,
  • The rates.

Of course, there are contracts which impose no waiting period or age limit, some insurers accept new contracts even if the dog is old, others do not apply a deductible or limit the amount … These are points that matter a lot when comparing different formulas.

Each insurer offers its own contracts, but with regard to exclusions, two are systematically applied regardless of the insurance company, namely the health problems in a dog victim of bad treatments, diseases contracted by the animal because it has not been vaccinated as is the case with rabies. Insuring your dog with an animal health insurance does not exempt the master from ensuring the good health of his little companion and from assuming his responsibilities.

Dog health insurance contract with optional RC guarantee

To face the stiff competition in animal health insurance, professionals are constantly improving their contracts in order to offer increasingly diversified products.

In 2021, some mutual funds for dogs – quite rare, it must be admitted – even offer, as an option, a Civil Liability guarantee allowing the master to be covered in the event of damage caused by his little companion. This is particularly interesting for owners of category 1 or category 2 dogs because some comprehensive home insurance (MRH) refuse to cover them.

Carrefour and its cheapest dog insurance in 2021

The prices are extremely variable from one company to another but now we can insure your dog for less than 8 € / month.

The 2021 rate, among the lowest recorded in February, is € 6.51 per month for significant coverage in the event of an accident since the coverage concerns surgical interventions, routine care and death benefit. Assistance service is included. On the other hand, this contract does not cover illness, but it is taken out no age limit for a dog 3 months of age or older. A good point.

Note that this same insurer offers for less than 9.50 € / month an Equilibre formula which covers the accident but also the disease, contrary to its basic contract, as well as the costs of sterilization.

Be careful, however, this is likely to vary because each month, insurers offer good plans, promotional offers such as the first month offered for example and other contracts at reduced prices. Finally, if you have several dogs, you can turn to mutuals that apply group rates or decreasing rates allowing substantial savings to be made from the second dog insured.

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