What is the cost of building a garage? Our advice to make the right choice!

Are you planning to build a garage? This piece has become truly essential to our contemporary homes. Storage space, DIY or vehicle parking, it can even turn into a viable extension over the years.

Because the construction of a garage cannot be improvised, our experts will provide you with their advice to carry out your project. We accompany you from A to Z in your steps and your choices for a successful construction!

Why build a garage?

The garage is an essential part in a home. To park vehicles, store equipment, or have a sheltered space for DIY, the uses are multiple! The garage is a room that has made a place for itself in our homes and its design has become synonymous with quality and no longer just a shelter. In addition, over time and the evolution of the family, the garage can be converted into a parental suite, a studio to accommodate your teenage children or to offer a little privacy to a single parent, or even an office or professional space. .

Building a garage is therefore essential in our modern homes. This room is quality and suitably insulated to withstand temperature variations throughout the year.

What are the steps to take for the construction of a garage?

Before embarking on your project, certain administrative procedures are essential. Start by consulting the local urban planning plan (PLU) of your municipality at least four months before the launch of the project in order to know if the construction of your future garage is subject to specific aesthetic rules and constraints (materials, colors, etc. ).

Subsequently, it is necessary to make a declaration of work or a request for a building permit from your town hall. The building permit application concerns garages with a floor area greater than 20 m². The form can be completed online and must be submitted at least 3 months before the start of the work. The declaration of work concerns garages with a floor area of ​​less than 20 m². It must be submitted to the town hall at least 1 month before the start of the work.

What are the different types of garages?

There are three types of garages: above-ground garages, semi-underground garages and underground garages. The choice is yours and meets your needs and the constraints of your land.

The above-ground garage

The above-ground garage is built in the open, on the ground. It can be attached to your home or independent.

If your garage is attached to your house, it is more easily accessible by means of a service door. If it is not built on the same foundations as the rest of the house, it should be properly insulated so as not to facilitate the entry of cold into the house. On the other hand, be aware that the attached garage does not isolate you from the noises or odors of vehicles which have been parked.

When the garage is separated from the house, you are no longer disturbed by noise, but you also have to go out to access it, which is not always practical or pleasant when it is cold and when it rains.

The semi-underground garage

The semi-underground garage is partly built underground. It has the advantage of not limiting too much space on your property and its roof is generally fitted out as a terrace for more comfort. In addition, it is a better insulator of noise when it is attached to the house than the above-ground garage. On the other hand, this type of garage must be carried out with particular attention to the insulation, because its semi-buried nature makes it more vulnerable to infiltration.

The underground garage

The underground garage is completely built in the basement, usually under the house. Thus, it does not encroach neither on the surface of the house nor on the ground of your property. However, this type of construction is generally carried out at the same time as that of the house, because it causes significant disbursement, support and waterproofing work.

What materials to build your garage with?

Above-ground garages: a wide choice of construction materials

In the case of above-ground garages, which are the most common constructions, it is possible to use several materials.

If your above-ground garage is attached to your home, it is advisable to use concrete blocks or brick. The first has a good thermal and acoustic insulation index. It is simple to install at low cost and easy to finish. Brick is a very good insulator; it is recommended when your home is made of brick, for a question of harmony.

If your above-ground garage is independent from your home, you have more solutions. Wood is particularly recommended. Very good insulator, it is easily assembled, in particular thanks to the ready-to-use kits. Aesthetic and warm, it brings a natural touch to all styles of homes while blending into the garden decor.

Underground and semi-underground garages: insulation above all

In the context of the construction or fitting out of underground and semi-underground garages, it is imperative to think about insulation. The floor and the walls must be perfectly insulated to avoid infiltration and humidity. The concrete slab is therefore preferred for the floor, and concrete blocks and brick for the walls.

What is the budget for building a garage?

What are the factors that can affect the price?

Evaluating the cost of building a garage without a specific project is difficult. Indeed, several factors are likely to cause the price to evolve. It’s up to you to calculate the final cost according to your desires, or on the contrary to modify your project to match your budget.

  • The type of garage: building an adjoining or independent garage will not have the same price. The same goes for an above-ground, underground or semi-underground construction.
  • The dimensions of the garage.
  • The materials used for its construction.
  • The roof of the garage.
  • The opening mode: type of garage door (sectional, swing, pivoting, sliding, tilting, etc.), opening mode (manual, automatic).
  • The type of finishes.
  • The prices charged by the professional.

What price for the construction of your garage according to its type?

The average price of a garage is calculated per square meter. If the addition of this room brings real added value to your home, the necessary investment can be significant.

Note that to build a garage (classic type), it takes between 8,000 and 15,000 euros on average; this price includes the materials and the labor of the masons. This price variation is explained by the various characteristics that can make up your garage.

  • For the construction of an above-ground garage, whether attached or independent of the house, plan a budget of 500 to 600 euros per square meter.
  • For the construction of a semi-underground garage, expect a cost between 600 and 700 euros per square meter.
  • For the construction of an underground garage, plan a budget of 800 to 900 euros per square meter.

The price increase between the different models is justified by the significant earthworks required for semi-buried and above all buried models.

What price for the construction of your garage depending on the material used?

The chosen construction material weighs relatively heavy on the scale.

  • For the construction of a concrete block garage, count around 70 euros per square meter, insulation included. This solution is interesting because its lifespan is long and it adapts to all constructions.
  • For the construction of a wooden garage, count 100 to 110 euros per square meter on average. This construction is simple, fast and aesthetic. On the other hand, if it is suitable for all styles of homes, it also requires more maintenance.
  • For the construction of a brick garage, count around 110 to 115 euros per square meter. Even more insulating than concrete, it is suitable for brick houses.
  • For the construction of a metal or prefabricated garage, count 150 to 200 euros per square meter. This solution is quick and easy to set up. However, it is more fragile over time.

To this cost should be added the price of insulation and roofing. So, count between 60 and 100 euros more per square meter of surface.

Finally, think about the price of your different finishes (wall coverings, etc.) and the garage door. Depending on the model chosen for the latter, count 150 to 3,000 euros more, or even more if you decide to motorize it!

Contact a professional to build your garage

If you want to have your garage built by a professional, contact several masons. Show them your project and have several free quotes made without obligation. Ask for detailed models in order to know all the tasks included in the service. Compare offers, negotiate and choose among the most competent professionals in order to find the service at the best quality / price ratio.

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