What is the future for TikTok after ‘landing in the human land’?

While Microsoft can use TikTok to make a stronger impression on younger users, for Walmart, TikTok offers the opportunity to grow the advertising and e-commerce business.

What future for TikTok after 'breaking the people'?  picture 1
TikTok office in Culver city, Los Angeles, USA. (Photo: THX / TTXVN)

After weeks of deliberation, China’s multinational technology firm ByteDance is said to be about to announce the name of the company selected in the race to acquire US operations. video sharing application TikTok.

Three bright names in this deal are Microsoft, Walmart and Oracle.

According to CNBC, ByteDance has taken the final decision and may be ready to announce it immediately, but new regulations on how China’s technology exports to the slowdown have been delayed.

“Don’t shake the boat”

TikTok is currently one of the most popular social networking platforms in Generation Z (only those born after 1995 and preparing to join the workforce) with over 2.3 billion downloads.

News of TikTok’s negotiations to acquire US operations began to appear after US President Donald Trump signed an executive order, which is due to be until September 15 ByteDance must cease all operations in the United States, unless Microsoft or another US company buys back shares and comes to an agreement.

Motivation of the three “big men” Microsoft, Walmart and Oracle in the acquisition of TikTok is very clear.

While Microsoft can use TikTok to make a stronger impression on younger users, for Walmart, TikTok offers the opportunity to grow the advertising and e-commerce business.

Likewise, Oracle is also interested in using the platform to drive its marketing business and cloud tools.

Even so, after being bought, what will TikTok’s fate be? That is a question that remains unanswered to date, especially given the new Chinese export regulations that could threaten TikTok’s coverage as soon as it goes on sale.

Experts say any new owner of TikTok will want to keep the app’s still very appealing features by keeping the status quo, at least for now.

Mukul Krishna, head of global business and digital media at Frost & Sullivan, told Business Insider: “The immediate focus will be on” not to rock the boat. ” Accordingly, “if you are talking about the ‘near future’, at least for the user, the best thing will be that nothing will change.”

However, some other experts also believe that TikTok is likely to see some changes when it comes to new owners, although this is not an overnight thing.

The change to this app could involve modifying behind-the-scenes footage to ensure compliance with security issues related to President Trump’s terms of agreement and executive order.

It is worth noting that both Microsoft and Oracle have had many projects working closely with the US government and law enforcement agencies.

President Trump mentioned Microsoft’s work history with the government at a press conference in August 2020 and pointed out Microsoft’s “high-level” security solutions that allowed the corporation to work with institutions. Important federal relations such as the Department of Defense.

More advertising tools for “influencers”

Walmart in a statement said that partnering with Microsoft to acquire TikTok could help them “reach and serve omnichannel customers,” and develop “third-party markets and promotional businesses. fox. “

However, it is not clear how this plan will affect the TikTok user experience.

Brian Yarbrough, senior analyst for equity research at Edward Jones, thinks Walmart could integrate more ads into the app with an ecommerce focus: “I don’t expect TikTok to have a lot change, but more ads are likely to appear over time. ”

What future for TikTok after 'breaking the people'?  picture 2
ByteDance corporate logo at headquarters in Beijing, China. (Photo: AFP / VNA)

Meanwhile, expert Mukul Krishna said the purchase of TikTok could give the tech giant Oracle a foothold in the digital marketing space, as they would have access to their data. TikTok contemporary and future influencers. These are useful information for advertisers.

Additionally, for the TikTok app itself, Oracle will likely integrate more tools to give these influencers the opportunity to monetize their own content.

Expert Krishna said: “If you talk to any digital marketer, you will find that right now they are trying to identify social influencers across all social media platforms. . “

In that context, the expert added, “Who is the influencer on TikTok, who should I contact?”

Better performance and security?

Ultimately, the most important and most likely to happen is TikTok’s ability to enhance security. Certainly anyone who wants to participate in the acquisition of this social networking platform must meet specific security requirements to be approved, because this is the “source” of the ban that President Trump. given.

“The next owner of TikTok must understand that data and security are top factors,” says expert Krishna.

In addition, Mr. Krishna also said that Microsoft can improve the user interface of the application, such as personalizing the user experience.

So far, it is not yet certain how TikTok will undergo its acquisition after its acquisition. However, experts agree that any potential owner will want to maintain the user experience as it is, which was what made this app so popular before, while prioritizing streaming. develop auxiliary changes.

Ray Wang, principal analyst and founder of Constellation Research Wang, said: “I don’t think people will want to mess with things like content creation, TikTok’s ease of use. In my opinion, building the next digital “giant” will be what companies aim for. “

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