What solutions for storing bikes in the garage?

You can quickly get annoyed to see the bikes lying around in the garage and taking up more floor space than necessary. There is so much to store in this space that the bikes can become very bulky. In addition, placed in spite of common sense, even lying on the ground or leaning against a table, they can very quickly be damaged. Fortunately, there are various space saving solutions that allow children’s and adult bikes to be stored conveniently in the garage. Overview.

The removable support for hanging a bike from the ceiling

Extremely judicious, this device is perfect for optimizing space. Thanks to it, you can easily store bikes after each ride, without loading the floor or walls. Whether it is called a bicycle lift, removable bicycle rack or even a bicycle ceiling mount, this device should be installed in all garages, regardless of their size, because their clutter is archi-mini. In this range, there is, for example, a bicycle lift that allows the machine to be suspended up to 4 meters high, without any effort. Equipped with a locking system for security and a lifting device, it is fixed to the ceiling and can support a single bicycle up to 20 kg.

Since this bike rack is not very expensive, it would be a shame to do without it. It takes 15 € for a mid-range model and between 40 and 50 € for a more sophisticated model.

In the same vein, some brands offer the bicycle pulley for a price of around 70 €. To be fixed to the ceiling, it has a locking specific rope and can support up to 25 kg.

Finally, the ceiling-mounted bike rack can even be fitted with a electric pulley, which allows any type of user to use it on a daily basis, without the slightest effort and in complete safety. It can support up to 55 kg and the pulley cable has ultra high strength. This type of material costs at least € 75.

The modular bike rack, wall or ceiling

It is a very practical device leaving the choice to suspend the bike on the ceiling or on the wall. This big bicycle hook which can support up to 15 kg is easily fixed thanks to two screws and of course to plugs perfectly adapted to the support (wall or ceiling) which can be for example wood, plasterboard, concrete block, brick, etc.) . Then just insert the bike by one or the other of its wheels. You can get a bicycle hook in sports shops for the modest sum of 5 to 8 €.

The wall-mounted bike rack, perfect for the garage

This simple concept is suitable for many of us because it optimizes space in a garage that is small or already crowded. It allows bicycles to be hung on the wall by their frame, and the bicycles remain parallel to the wall mount. Some bike racks in this category even allow your cycle to become a decorative element in its own right!

Devices for storing bicycles on the ground

If all the walls of the garage are already equipped with high cabinets, low cabinets, shelves, perforated panels, you may want to put the bikes on the ground. It is also practical, especially if it is the bikes of young children, because this way they can learn to store them without the help of their parents, which is not the case with the wall racks or ceiling. Parking your bike on the garage floor is also the solution that satisfies many adults with fairly heavy bikes. In this category of bike racks, everyone can find a model to their liking.

The crutch

Not all bikes are equipped with a kickstand. But you can however have this type of separate instrument to park your bike in the garage. Practice, the central double crutch perfectly stabilizes the bike that is stored upright on the ground. It stays upright there, unlike bikes which rely on their own side stand and are tilted slightly. Thanks to the double crutch, we benefit from a good stability.

Note that this type of crutch is available in different models, for a price between 7 and 18 €. There are also crutches suitable for electric bikes. Before buying, it is better to check with a specialist seller.

The bicycle support base

Equipped with a anti-theft, it can be installed outside or in the common areas of collective housing. It can be fixed to the ground with screws since holes are provided for this purpose at the base. This device is designed to accommodate the front wheel of a bicycle that you want to park on the garage floor. With its four felt pads, it is perfectly stable and can even be placed on fragile ground (in the entrance to the living area for example). Thanks to his adjustable handle, it is suitable for bikes with 20 to 28 ” wheels.

The wall or floor rack to park 1 to 5 bikes in the garage

The ideal way to store bikes in the garage is to opt for a model that can be fixed either to the ceiling or to the ground (and which sometimes can even be fixed to the ceiling) in case you change your mind! Some racks are orientable. They rotate 180 °, which is very practical because you can position your bike according to the space available.

The bicycle parking racks “M” shaped are specially designed to accommodate disc brake bikes, and there are also some that are mounted on small casters, making them easier to move. Note that there are of course foldable racks for children’s bikes.

Create your own bike racks to optimize garage space

Some bike enthusiasts and die-hard DIY enthusiasts themselves create tailor-made devices which allow them to store all the family’s bikes in the garage. The result can be very successful. For example, we use the handlebars of a scrapped bike as well as its saddle to make from scratch a ultra decorative bike rack.

Old car tires can also be recycled into bicycle racks, just like a large wooden log in which you create with a chainsaw notches where a wheel can be slipped, or even wooden pallets with which to make shelves on which you can hang. bikes thanks to large carabiners. And we can even make a bicycle box for the garage, the top of which can be used as a shelf. This is optimizing space!

But that we wish to embark on the DIY or buy one trade model, it is always necessary to take into account beforehand the weight of each bike to be stored in the garage, the diameter of the wheels, the space available, and know whether it is more judicious to opt for a model on the ground, on the wall, to be fixed on the ceiling or for a mixed model.