What status should you choose when you start your own business? – EconomyMorning

When you accept or decide to give up salaried employment, to set up on your own, the question always arises of the status to choose. The arbitration is simple: should you register as a self-employed person, or create a company?

Self-employed, an advantageous status

First of all, remember that the status of auto-entrepreneur, sorry, of micro-entrepreneur, is more advantageous today than it was yesterday. You can invoice up to € 72,600 for a service activity, or more than € 6,000 per month.

With such amounts, we can clearly live on it, and even live well, since the maximum rate of contribution on the sums collected is 22%. The month you invoice 5,000 euros, you put almost 4,000 euros of income in your pocket.

More burdens for a company

Opposite, on the side of the company, whether it is the SARL, the EURL, or the SASU, you will pay a lot more charges. To simplify the calculations, it is considered that for 1,000 euros invoiced, 500 will go in charge, if you pay yourself a salary. But beware: a company, unlike the auto-entrepreneur, can have expenses. It can pay rent, even if it is paid to you, for the part of your home devoted to the activity.

She can buy a computer, take care of an internet subscription, business trips, expense reports, mileage costs. On the other hand, administratively, its management is heavier. It is recommended that you hire an accountant to complete all the procedures on time. Finally, a company, to respond to certain calls for tenders, to contract with certain companies, is more serious. The good advice of the day, if you are starting out, it is surely to start as a self-employed person. And if the sauce takes, switch to a company!

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