What to do with your dog during the holidays?

Going on vacation with your dog is unfortunately not always possible. In this case, no need to cancel your long-awaited vacation, you just need to find a solution so that your four-legged friend is in good hands during your absence, but also so that he does not suffer too much from loneliness. . Fortunately, there are now several solutions to keep your dog.

The kennel or boarding house: a good solution for sociable dogs

If your dog has nothing against being around several of his fellow creatures during your absence, putting him in a kennel or in a boarding house may be a suitable solution.

These establishments are quite simply dog ​​day care centers. They are kept by professionals who will know how to take care of your little protégé during his stay, and this in a place specially designed for dogs.

Like any professional establishment, the services offered by kennels or boarding houses are naturally chargeable. It will therefore be necessary to plan a more or less substantial budget to keep your dog, the price generally corresponding to the duration of the stay, as well as to the various services offered (if for example the establishment must provide food, if it is necessary to give medication regularly to the dog, if he needs to be walked apart from other dogs, etc.)

Do not hesitate to visit several kennels or boarding houses to find one that suits you, and above all that meets the needs of your faithful companion. Remember that you are going to entrust your little one with strangers for a while. Even if they are professionals, they must be trustworthy.

The host family: warmer babysitting

If you prefer to keep your dog with a family, there are what are called foster families or “dogsitter”. This type of guarding allows your dog to feel less “abandoned”, in a more warm and friendly atmosphere, for a few euros or exchanges of services according to your arrangements with the family in question.

However, here too, your four-legged friend will have to be rather sociable and not be put off by sharing his life with fellow creatures for a while, since these families very often have animals.

As with choosing a kennel, take the time to select the right host family. If possible, try to get feedback from the affected family to make sure your dog will be treated well. Do not hesitate to get to know the people who will keep your four-legged companion to get to know them better, and to send them any important information about the dog (taking medication for example).

It is also advisable to take him to visit the house and meet the family before your departure, first of all to be sure that he will be able to adapt and that nothing disturbs him (presence of children for example), but also so that he can do his first scouting and get to know potential other animals.

Exchange between individuals: a free solution

The principle of the exchange between individuals is simple: you keep the dog of the person concerned during their holidays, and they will do the same during yours. This is a very convenient exchange of services for people who need to be careful about their savings.

You will make these exchanges with an acquaintance if you can, or you will find someone on the internet among the many sites and forums dedicated to this practice. However, take the time to meet with the person before any conversation to make sure they are trustworthy and will meet all of your dog’s needs.

Home care: for dogs who can’t stand change

Keeping your dog at home is practical in many ways. First of all for your animal, who will not have to undergo the stress of the change of environment, but also for you, since you will not have to move to take him then to pick him up, nor to visit a place to make sure it will be suitable for your loyal companion.

It will only be necessary to find a person in whom you have complete confidence to come and live with you during your vacation. She will be able to keep your dog company, thus preventing him from feeling too lonely, in addition to feeding and taking him out.