What toys can I offer my dwarf rabbit?

Toys can be used as supports to form a rich relationship with your dwarf rabbit. There are also toys that he can play with on his own to avoid getting bored. What toys can you offer him? Are there toys suitable for his size?

Playing with your dwarf rabbit

If you want to play with your dwarf bunny, you will have no choice but to get down on the ground. In the early days of your relationship, you will stay still. Curious, he will approach to discover you. He will even eventually jump on you. Stay gentle in your gestures because you should not frighten him during this approach phase.

Once the introductions have been done properly, you will find out all there is to do with your dwarf rabbit. You can throw a little ball at him and watch what he does with it. He can push it away or pick it up. No, don’t dream, he won’t bring it back to you! But in any case, when he has an interaction with you, it is useful to offer him a small reward to encourage him and to encourage him to renew his behavior. Be careful to stay moderate in the rewards so as not to promote obesity in your dwarf rabbit.

It is important to try different toys. First of all to stimulate your rabbit. An animal behaves like a human: when there are no more surprises, weariness sets in, then boredom comes. If left unchecked, it means it can perish, especially when it is alone, without another rabbit or even animal companion. You should also try different toys to discover the tastes of your dwarf rabbit. This is because not all rabbits like to play the same things. Some people like to grab and throw something, others like to roll toys, still others will prefer toys that make noise …

Are there toys for dwarf rabbits?

You will not find toys dedicated to dwarf rabbits but only rabbits in general. As a reminder, a dwarf rabbit is smaller than a classic domestic rabbit. It weighs on average only between 1 kg and 1.5 kg, for a size never exceeding 20 cm, when usually the rabbit can weigh up to 1 kg more and measure 30 cm more.

There are toys for “rodents” and “small mammals” that can be adapted to your dwarf rabbit. Indeed, the golden hamster, which is the largest hamster, can measure up to 17 cm. We are therefore not so far from the size of the dwarf rabbit. However, its weight does not exceed 150 g. This is a major difference that should be kept in mind when looking through this category of toys.

Before choosing a toy, it is therefore up to you to consider whether it is adapted to your dwarf rabbit. If your rating is bad, there is little chance that he will get hurt, your dwarf rabbit just won’t play with it.

If you do not know your furry friend well yet, it is also possible that you will not choose the right ones, because they will not meet his playing preferences. It may be interesting to test different things with objects you find around you, and observe your rabbit’s behavior to understand what he likes.

Toys to make yourself or to find at home

You can make shelters or even a course out of cardboard boxes, paper towel tubes or toilet paper. You tailor the dimensions to your dwarf rabbit’s size so that it can crawl inside or jump on it, whichever it prefers to do. It’s a safe bet that he will also appreciate a cardboard box filled with paper torn into small pieces or dry leaves: he will play there like children in a ball pool.

Napkins and paper bags (simple, without metal decorations for example) will be shredded by your dwarf rabbit with joy.

A cardboard tissue box that you get rid of its plastic parts, filled with hay, will form a food distributor that will stimulate physical exercise because your rabbit will have to make efforts to get the hay out. If you provide this device, stay nearby to make sure it does not get stuck inside.

Metal lids with non-sharp edges, like those on jars of mayonnaise or pickles, are simple toys that make noise when the rabbit turns them over.

You can also offer your dwarf rabbit toys for human babies, those made of hard plastic that his rodent teeth will not be able to pierce or break: rattles, keys, stackable cups.

Toys for exercise

In the wild, rabbits are very active because they have a lot to do: dig galleries and burrows, look for food, play with other rabbits. It is essential to provide activities for your domestic rabbit. This is therefore the category with the most suggestions.

A two-level house with an integrated staircase can boost your dwarf rabbit’s energy expenditure.

Activity tunnels made of hard or soft plastic, or natural materials, are specially designed for small animals and therefore safe for them. They usually like to squeeze in and even sleep there. The ideal is to buy several to compose different routes.

There are “fun tree” type devices which consist of a central trunk from which branches on which are suspended shapes (of carrots, for example). Usually made from natural materials like seagrass and corn husk, they are safe toys for animals and particularly stimulating, as soon as your rabbit decides to grab whatever is hanging down. This type of toy can be expensive, so better test such a device before to make sure your rabbit will play with it.

Fixed spinning balls to fill with hay can also be used as moving treadmills.

Other toys for your dwarf rabbit

There are also games that stimulate thinking and learning. These are different devices usually associated with food, because the rabbit will only seek the solution to a “problem” if it is motivated.

So you will find on the market small rodent balls designed to accommodate treats. An adjustable opening allows food to drop when the bale is rolling. Made of hard plastic, the toy is safe and promotesskill of the animal.

You will also find “food tree” type games, of varying complexity, with drawers or other hiding places to fill with food, which the rabbit must push, roll or lift in order to eat.

Rodents of course need to use their teeth. Chew toys are therefore just as important as any other. Usually made of wood, some toys include a small bell to add a sound touch to the activity. Simple rugs made of seagrass, hemp or any other untreated natural material can also make your dwarf rabbit happy.

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