What treats should you choose to give your dog?

Treats are particularly popular with dogs. This is why you have to choose them well but also determine the best time to give them to your companion. Indeed, because dogs love treats, their distribution must be perfectly controlled. Treats are used to reward, educate and improve the welfare of canines. How to choose the treats to give to your dog? How to give them at the right time? Here’s everything you need to know about dog treats.

Why buy sweets?

Before choosing the right treats, here is a little reminder on their use. You should know that the treats have several purposes.

Treats to please

Treats can be used simply to please your dog. Very different from croquettes, the treats are expected and appreciated by dogs. They are impatient to receive them and know how to thank you. Thanks to the treats, you show your love to your companion and you strengthen your bonds.

Treats to educate

The professionals are unanimous. For training a dog, treats are a great alternative. When you want to teach your dog something, you can reward his efforts with his treats. This approach can be adopted when the dog is still young. If you reward your dog, he will understand that he has done the right thing. Treats have more impact than hugs and verbal rewards. Warning ! If you are using the treat to educate, they should not be distributed throughout the day.

Treats to reward

Of course, when raising a dog, the treat is a reward. But there are other times when you can reward your dog. For example, if he was wise when you were away longer than expected, if he behaved well when you were busy, or if he was obedient during the ride.

How to choose the right treats for your dog?

Home-made treats

Be aware that giving dogs your leftovers as treats is not recommended. Even if you think you are doing well by giving the bits of fat, leftover meat or even sweets, you are wrong. Dogs can be sick! You should know, for example, that chocolate is a toxic food for dogs. Some people give their companion a sugar at the time of the coffee, it is also a bad habit which promotes obesity. Bones are potentially dangerous for dogs, so vigilance is required.

Healthy treats

Because you want what’s best for your dog, you want to go for healthy treats. As there are physiological kibbles, you can opt for treats of the same type. Rich in vitamins and minerals, they are chosen according to their composition. it must be as natural as possible with little fat, salt, sugar and cereals.

The treats should also respect your dog’s age and needs. It would be a shame to harm his nutritional balance by wanting to please him. In the same vein, be sure to respect the size of the treat. A small dog cannot stand an oversized treat. Rest assured, at the vet, you will find all kinds of treats to meet the needs of your companion!

How much treats to give?

It is important not to give your dog too many treats each day. It is also forbidden to mix them with croquettes. Treats are rewards and therefore should be given little by little and only for a good reason. They should not represent more than 10% of your dog’s daily intake. Even if your dog asks for a reward, be firm and refuse. It’s up to you to decide when it deserves it.

The treats can be dispensed from 8 weeks. Do not hesitate to ask your veterinarian if your dog is ready to consume it during the visits for the vaccination!