What will be possible to do with the new iCloud Plus? – EconomyMorning

With iCloud +, the iCloud user will have access to new features, new options allowing them to ensure the security of their data. All these new features were presented by Apple at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2021 on Monday, June 7, 2021.

News related to privacy

With its iCould Plus offer, Apple offers several new features but also more security for its paying subscribers to make their lives easier. Like Firefox and Opera, the American giant is setting up VPN access which takes the name of “Private Relay”. With this VPN, the connection will systematically go through servers set up by Apple. The company ensures that this service will be operated respecting the privacy of users.. “No one, not even Apple, can know who you are and what sites you visit.“, Indicated the communication department of Apple.

If you lose your password, it will now be possible to designate a recovery contact. The latter will not have access to the user’s information but will be the only person able to provide him with a unique identification code that will allow him to regain his access. Likewise, it is possible for the user to prevent his death by designating an inheritance contact. It will be able to recover the data if an accident occurs.

iCloud + allows you to surf the Internet incognito

With “Hide my email”, it will now be possible to create one or more temporary email addresses, from Mail and from Safari. This address, which looks like an anonymous alias, will allow users toavoid sharing their real iCloud address. It will be possible to delete it at any time. Finally, with HomeKit Support Video, iCloud + will allow you to configure an unlimited number of cameras that will record security videos on iCloud and the space occupied by them will not be deducted from storage spaces.

Apple would like to point out that iCloud + services will not cost more than current services. This means that the new features are integrated into the already existing iCloud subscriptions. Beyond the 5 GB offered, it takes 0.99 euros per month for 50 GB, 2.99 euros per month for 200 GB and 9.99 euros for 2 TB.