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No one could have predicted the events of 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, but these things had a direct impact on Sharp’s strategy for visual solutions.

Our predictions for the European digital signage market for 2020 did not take into account the COVID-19 pandemic. We did not yet know at the time that the priority and the main trend of the year would be to support professionals in teleworking.

We now know that this trend will continue in 2021, if not beyond. First, we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic; In addition, many companies have found that they have managed to adopt the telework model without disrupting their operations too much.

While some now rule out bringing their employees back to their premises, we are starting to see a trend where others are considering exceptions for specific reasons, for example for workshop management, face-to-face interviews and other tasks. where physical presence offers a tangible benefit. Facial expressions and body language being difficult to interpret through video conferencing tools, the office still has a role to play!

The spread of teleworking has prompted companies to completely review their security strategy. We believe this phenomenon will become a trend in the visual solutions industry as companies seek IT support offerings that allow their employees to interact, collaborate and share information with their colleagues in a healthy environment, as they see fit. would do in the office. All of this will need to be done in the least invasive way, so that employees can stay productive and experience minimal disruption.

The professional environment of tomorrow

We recently conducted an investigation into the impact of COVID-19 on the work environment, and found that the current situation has its share of advantages and disadvantages.

One of the main positive effects is the attitude towards teleworking and the individuals participating in remote meetings. Previously, many meetings were face-to-face, and only one or two people logged in virtually. This resulted in a situation where individuals participating at a distance found themselves somewhat on the margins of others.

But as most meetings follow this model, the culture is changing, and everyone is now included and fully participating in the discussions. New technologies allow all users to enjoy the same experience wherever they are.

As a supplier of office equipment and meeting room displays, we spend a lot of time thinking about how these solutions can help employees become more productive, and feel comfortable and connected. safe in their professional environments.

Interactive displays are at the heart of the visual solutions market. However, the entire industry needs to think about the nature of touchscreens: Are professionals comfortable having to touch them, or do they need to be fitted with an antibacterial coating? Gesture recognition technologies are becoming a trend as they allow users to interact with a screen without touching it, which can be reassuring for many.

So the corporate culture is not going to go away, but we expect the office to change significantly in the future. The focus will then be on collaboration and meeting spaces, rather than traditional arrangements.

Size and definition

Outside of the professional context, the trend in the digital display industry remains in the size and definition of screens. This is a natural evolution of display technologies, with end users increasingly demanding more realism. Higher definitions meet this need by allowing image details to be viewed clearly.

To meet the demands of the high-end product market, we will soon be launching a 120-inch display with exceptional 8K resolution. Sharp is a leader in the industry, not only in the dimensions of its screens, but also in terms of image quality. Its products offer sublime visuals and adapt perfectly to the most prestigious environments and settings.

Another trend set to strengthen in 2021 and beyond in the digital displays market: that of integration with mobile terminals. Indeed, consumers now expect to be able to connect and interact with a device using their mobile device. It has become commonplace to share content with a digital signage directly from your smartphone. However, we are seeing more and more frequently the big screen delivery of content transmitted from the cloud by a mobile device.

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