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Restaurant owners are tired of the administrative closure of their establishments. Several of them have even reopened despite the health crisis. The government wants to give them a horizon.

Since the closure decided at the end of last year to stop the spread of the coronavirus, restaurant owners have been wondering when they will be able to reopen and resume normal activity. Several of them even embarked on a movement of disobedience and reopened their establishments. A phenomenon ” marginal », Assured Alain Griset the Minister in charge of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. In front of the cameras of Public Senate, he warns that measures will be taken against the recalcitrant. Bruno Le Maire had the opportunity to quote them: no solidarity fund for a month, and in the event of a repeat offense, access to the fund will be over.

Draw a perspective

However, enforcement measures are not everything. ” I remind you that I understand very well the moral and psychic difficulty of those who consider that there is enough of not working », Explains Alain Griset, who holds« every two days »A meeting with the restaurateurs. He recalls that the support mechanisms put in place by the State are ” out of proportion with what has been done “. But obviously professionals don’t want helpers, they want to work again. This is why the minister has outlined a perspective for the reopening.

How many bankruptcies in 2021?

Restaurants may reopen ” if we manage to drop below 10,000 contaminations per day in the direction of 5,000 », He indicated. We are far from it: the number of daily contamination is still over 20,000 people, and hospitalizations are on the rise. However, the real perspective is that of vaccines and ” the behavior of the French », Underlines the Minister. He also hopes that the number of business failures will hover around 50,000 this year, their usual level. Medef, for its part, predicts many more bankruptcies, around 80,000. But Alain Griset highlights the targeted aid from public authorities to keep businesses afloat.

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