Where and how to buy a purebred cat?

It is strongly recommended to contact a professional breeder when you want to buy a purebred cat. But this purchase is preparing because it should never be done on a whim. In addition to choosing the right breeding, it is also necessary to check many points concerning the kitten before finalizing its acquisition and take certain precautions after the purchase. This can avoid many unpleasant surprises.

Contact a professional breeder

According to the legislation in force, a kitten can be marketed from the age of 8 weeks. Veterinarians advise, however, to wait until he has received all his vaccines. It is therefore preferable that the animal has 3 months past especially at this age he is more suited to social life. It will therefore be easier for him to acclimatize to his new masters.

It is important to check that the breeder complies with the regulations, but not only. Getting there is essential to see the little felines, see for yourself if they are well cared for, if the premises are impeccably maintained, how the animals behave, whether they are kittens or adult cats, but also to gauge the degree of involvement of the professional with his little ones …

To buy a purebred cat safely, it is therefore best to:

  • Connect to the following official sites:
  • Go to a cat show.

You can also consult a specialized journal or even ask a veterinarian. By buying for example a purebred cat through an ad site found somewhat randomly on a search engine, we run the risk of being ripped off.

Which purebred cat to choose?

Unless you have a very precise idea of ​​the cat you want to adopt, it is useful to learn about the different peculiarities of feline breeds since his choice is not defined. This allows you to buy a cat that is more suited to its future owner, to its rhythm of life but also to its future environment. We must indeed be able to offer the little feline the best living conditions for him to be happy.

We must therefore be able to meet all his needs, to devote sufficient time to it, and to ensure the compatibility between the master and the animal according to the personality of each one.

Some cats are very independent, others need a lot of cuddling and don’t cope with loneliness. There are some that are perfectly suited to apartment living while others like to have an outdoor space. The character of a cat is an element that matters a lot when making your selection.

That said, it’s exactly the same when you want to welcome a cat without pedigree. Every animal has the right to respect, to the love of its owner and to appropriate care throughout its life. Having an animal is a big responsibility which must be perfectly assumed.

Things to check when buying a purebred cat

You have to be very demanding of the seller and ensure that:

  • The cat (or kitten) is identified because theidentification of a small feline is obligatory,
  • Tests of genetic diseases and of Infectious diseases have been done. The most common tests for example relate to FIV, leukosis, and from a genetic point of view, they vary from one feline breed to another. It is in the buyer’s interest to check with a veterinarian beforehand in order to be fully informed on this subject when buying a purebred cat.

A sales agreement must be established and specify all of the following information:

  • Name, address, SIRET number of the seller,
  • Name, address of the purchaser and, if it is a professional, his SIRET number,
  • The breed of the cat, its color, name, sex, date of birth, identification number, status (sterilized) and if the sterilization was carried out with the agreement of the purchaser, the number of LOOF registration or pedigree number,
  • Legal and additional guarantees,
  • The remedies,
  • The price of the cat,
  • Payment method.

This contract must also mention each document given to the buyer and that the latter ” undertakes to keep the animal in conditions compatible with its biological and behavioral needs and to give it attentive care “. The document must be dated and signed by both parties.

A trustworthy breeder must be able to provide the purchaser with all the necessary documents.

Buying a purebred cat: what about crippling vices?

Upon acquisition of the animal, a consultation with the veterinarian must be scheduled. This ensures that the cat has no crippling flaws. It is very important to have tests carried out as quickly as possible in order to be able to invoke the guarantee if necessary. Some are to be done within 5 days of delivery of the animal, others within 21 days at the latest. If it turns out that the purebred cat is suffering from a pathology classified among the crippling defects, or even if it dies from it, the new owner of the animal can:

  • Either find a compromise as quickly as possible with the seller,
  • Either contact the departmental directorate of veterinary services in his department,
  • Or seize the repression of fraud.

Attention, to bring an action in front of the district court in order to bring a warranty claim, the deadline for taking action is extremely short. Buyer only has 30 days from the delivery of the cat. Note that the competent court is the court to which the seller’s domicile falls.

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