Where to sleep your cat at home?

Have you just adopted a cat and are wondering where it could sleep? Or are you wondering about the comfort of your lifelong companion to improve the quality of his sleep?

We might disappoint you, because the cat sleeps in strange places, which you do not even suspect at times. However, our furballs have preferences, we explain.

Can your cat sleep with you?

Here’s a question every cat owner will ask at one time or another, can my cat sleep with me, in my bed? There isn’t really a right answer to this question, it is quite possible to sleep with your cat, if it suits everyone.

In other words, it is necessary that your cat is not forced into it, and that you find pleasure in it. If the presence of your cat in your bedroom is not to the liking of your feline or your companion / companion, it seems useless to create a conflictual situation.

On the contrary, if the presence of your cat calms you, if his purring is beneficial to your fall asleep or if you like to feel his warmth near you, there is no harm in him sleeping in the same room as you.

However, there are two main criteria to meet:

  • Your feline must not be locked up and be able to access the other rooms of your home: unlike humans, the cat rarely sleeps 8 hours in a row, and it would be a shame if he woke you up by scratching at the door to go and do his needs for example
  • Your cat must be up to date with its antiparasitic treatments: neither fleas, ticks, nor worms are pleasant in your bed, on your sheets, on your pillows, and in addition some parasites can transmit diseases from cats to cats. human

In short, everyone needs to find their way around and feel comfortable with the choice of sleeping together. For some humans, having their cat by their side is beneficial and reassuring, for others it is a source of discomfort.

It is therefore necessary to respect the choices of all. If your cat is not sleeping with you, there may be other “cuddly” moments during the day, or in the evening watching TV or a book in hand …

Be careful though, letting your cat sleep with a baby and small children is not recommended. Quite simply because the latter could have an inappropriate reaction if the child wakes up suddenly, and the hygiene of the infant, of which we do not necessarily know the allergic grounds, can be compromised.

The cat’s favorite places to sleep

Where does the cat sleep? Wherever he wants! Very often, he favors a place above ground level, but any support may seem appropriate for your cat: a chair, a table, a cardboard box, a piece of furniture, a worktop, an armchair, a sofa …

In fact, it is your cat who will decide where to sleep depending on the configuration of the places and the objects placed in the room where he is. As a feline owner, watch out for unsuitable places like the drum of a washing machine, the bathroom dresser drawer, etc. It is important to prohibit these places for your pet to avoid domestic accidents.

Fortunately, the majority of felines have their cute sins and seek a cozy place that meets the following criteria: comfort, warmth and human smell.

A comfortable place

The criterion of cat comfort may seem subjective to humans, since some sleep in a wooden niche in a piece of furniture or even on a kitchen counter, which are not known for their softness.

However, an upholstered chair, a fabric sofa, a basket with a blanket, a bed, or simple clothes left in a ball on any support may well do the trick for your favorite cat.

A warm place

A warm place for your cat, it is not necessarily a cocooning space adorned with green plants and scented candles, it is a place that gives off heat.

Thus, a bed decorated with a bedspread, a sofa accompanied by a plaid will be highly appreciated. But old cast iron radiators also delight cats, especially in winter when they are on, as does a dedicated place next to the fireplace or wood stove.

A human place

What is a “human” place? For the cat, this is a place where its favorite human is frequently installed. It can be an armchair, an office chair, a bed. He finds your scent there and that has a reassuring character for him.

And of course, the place most marked by humans is undoubtedly humans themselves. Your cat is very likely to sit next to you, or even squarely on top of you, at nap time.

Yep, you are comfortable, you generate heat and wear a familiar scent: a winning trio!

What accessories can I buy for my cat to promote sleep?

You can buy equipment for your cat to provide a pleasant place to sleep. But remember that he will ultimately do as he pleases. What you bring into its interior can be abandoned or adored, or sometimes used months later!

Among the most popular accessories are hammocks to hang from the radiator, cat trees, baskets, niches, cushions, window mats, etc.

The choice is vast and you can also do DIY (Do It Yourself) by bringing together for your creation the following elements: a solid support installed in height, a support covered with soft and washable materials such as fleece or wool. Finally, decorate your home creation with old clothes that you have already worn.

Ideally, your cat’s “sleep” cocoon should be both raised and cozy, constituting a hiding place with an “easy” exit point. It is important that he feels safe while being free to quickly leave his hiding place in case of danger.

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