Where to throw the cat litter? Is it recyclable?

In France, there are more than 14 million domestic cats. Litter is an essential element for the hygiene of this endearing feline, the favorite domestic animal of the French. Once the latter is soiled, what can or not be done with it?

We explain everything in this article, to get rid of your cat’s litter, and why not recycle it to make an ecological gesture!

Where can I throw my cat’s litter box?

You have several solutions to get rid of your litter box. Be careful not to do anything just the same! Some great ideas can be disastrous, whether it’s for the environment or your wallet. Explanations …

In the trash

This is the simplest solution and if it is mineral litter you will not have another. Indeed, mineral litter is not recyclable.

For health reasons, you must therefore throw it in a dedicated bag in the non-recyclable household waste bin to avoid any contact with other waste.

In fact, soiled litter can carry germs and parasites, such as Toxoplasma gondii, for example. It is responsible for toxoplasmosis, which is extremely dangerous for unimmunized pregnant women.

In the toilets

False good idea! Litter, especially if it is clumping, can clog your pipes or your septic tank. If you live in an apartment, your neighbors will hate you and the condominium will send you the plumber’s bill with his congratulations. Avoid reaching such extremes and be careful!

However, certain biodegradable litters are intended for this use. Feel free to read the manufacturer’s recommendations on the back of the package. Each has its own characteristics.

Also, be aware that some municipalities prohibit throwing biodegradable litter in the toilets. Check with your town hall, or even with your condominium, before embarking on this adventure.

At the back of the garden

Above all, your cat’s litter should not be found in nature, even if it is biodegradable. The chemicals and bacteria in your pet’s droppings can contaminate soils, waterways and groundwater.

You can therefore forget your idea of ​​recycling it to make a gravel driveway, the cat litter is absolutely not intended for this use!

How do I recycle my cat’s litter?

What are recyclable litter?

Mineral, clay or silica-based litters are not recyclable. You will need to choose a biodegradable litter, these are the only ones that break down naturally in the environment.

However, not all biodegradable bedding is compostable. Vegetable litter is the most suitable for composting: wood, flax, cedar, wheat, etc. There is a wide range of suitable solutions available on the market.

This does not mean that they should be thrown away anywhere …

Recycle with my compost

Composting is the only recycling solution. If you don’t have a garden, this solution will be difficult to implement, but if you have a small piece of land, nothing could be simpler!

Make your choice, equip yourself with a composter and you’re ready to go. Most town halls provide you with one free of charge. But be careful, do not use this compost in your vegetable garden!

In addition to the risk of disease transmission, if your cat follows a treatment (dewormer for example) chemical residues can be found in their urine and contaminate your crops. It should therefore be composted in a dedicated bin.

You will obtain a very good natural fertilizer for your flowers and shrubs, enough to have an ideal compost in spring to beautify your garden and adorn it with beautiful colors for the coming summer!