Which auto repairs cost the most? – EconomyMorning

The maintenance of your car and auto repairs take a significant part of your budget. Indeed, some interventions can cost more than 1000 € depending on the condition of the vehicle as well as the rates applied by the garage where you are going to go. This is why it is essential to properly maintain your car regularly and to respect the change intervals. Currently, there are in particular 3 particularly expensive repairs to an automobile.

The clutch system

The clutch is essential in your vehicle to change gear ratios whether you have an automatic or manual transmission. This can be single-disc, multi-disc, diaphragm, mechanical or hydraulic. Depending on the clutch model, the price of its replacement will vary significantly. On average, it must be changed every 150,000 kilometers or as soon as a malfunction on its part appears. It is a complex intervention that requires several hours of work because it is the entire clutch kit that must be replaced.

The latter contains a clutch disc, a plate and the clutch bearing. On average, this intervention will be invoiced between 500 € and 1000 € for the most high-end models.

The motor system

To ensure its optimal functioning, the engine has many mechanical parts which are synchronized with each other. When the engine begins to show signs of weakness, it may be due to the wear and tear of one of these elements. However, when the engine is not properly maintained, you can be in the presence of engine overheating and in the most serious cases, it is engine failure that will appear. Replacing an engine is one of the most expensive interventions and it is often better to change the vehicle if it is old. It is referred to as an economically irreparable vehicle because the cost of repairs is higher than the car’s current rating.

The distribution system

The distribution system of your vehicle ensures the correct synchronization of the engine components in particular thanks to the presence of the timing belt which prevents the pistons from colliding with the valves. It is part, like the clutch, of a kit called a timing kit. So, it contains a new timing belt, tensioners, belt tensioners, accessory belt, water pump and coolant drain. On average, it should be replaced every 160,000 kilometers. Like changing the clutch kit, changing the timing kit is a delicate and meticulous operation, the price of which is particularly high. As a general rule, it takes between 600 € and 1000 € depending on the type of vehicle and the hourly cost of labor for the garage selected.

In order to save on your car maintenance and avoid too expensive repairs, carry out maintenance operations on the vehicle at regular intervals and consult a mechanic at the slightest unusual sign. This is because the longer you wait to repair your car, the more damage can get worse and contaminate other parts of the system.