Which cars were the most stolen in France in 2020? – EconomyMorning

It is not unpleasant to push a little cocorico from time to time … and incidentally, to laugh a little. Insurers have just unveiled the list of the most stolen cars in France, with the help of the magazine. Auto Plus.

A flaw in the locking system

And for once, we do not find large German sedans at the top of the ranking, but French ones. It is the DS7 Crossback which occupies the first step of the podium, for a very simple reason: smart kids have discovered a flaw in the locking system and the immobilizer. With a small electronic box worth 2,000 euros, any thief can get back behind the wheel of a DS7 in less than two minutes flat. The same goes for the DS3 and DS5, which are on the 7th and 8th steps of the podium.

The main gang responsible for DS thefts in France has been dismantled, and Citroën, sorry, DS, is applying patches to cars that go to dealerships to strengthen their safety, but the damage is done: the prices for ensuring a DS have soared this year. The same goes for the Clio IV, the Megane RS and the Mégane 4, which are in second, third and fourth position among the most stolen cars in France. Again, it is because of the vulnerability of their opening and starting system that they are so popular with thieves.

Rising insurance rates

It is not finally in 5th place that a foreign brand car points the tip of its hood, although tiny. I’m obviously talking about the Smart Fortwo, still very much desired by thieves who debon it to sell it in parts. If you have a plan to buy a car, new or used, consider consulting this kind of list in advance.

Not that the risk of having it stolen is immense, and anyway, when you are insured, you are compensated. On the other hand, this is the rate of the policeCar Insurance which swells, for the most stolen cars, which makes perfect sense.

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