Which electricity supplier to choose when moving? – EconomyMorning

When moving, there are a multitude of changes to make, including choosing your electricity supplier. It is not possible to transfer your contract to your new home and the steps to connect the meter to a new supplier can be tedious. Here are some tips for making the right choice.

To install electricity in their new home, individuals are forced to take out a subscription at their new home and then terminate the old one at their old home. However, it is better to choose the right new electricity supplier because this process can take several days and it is better to be able to guarantee the date when you will have electricity.

Save money on your electricity supplier

After all the expenses incurred following your move, it is normal to want to save on other expenses such as the electricity supplier. For this, it is advisable to compare the different offers in order to pay less while maintaining good service.

To lower the electricity bill, you can choose an alternative energy supplier. Suppliers like Alpiq offer a flexible offer adapted to the needs of the consumer. The price is also below the regulated price and the contract is non-binding. Alpiq offers a rate 10% cheaper than the statutory rate. Another major advantage is that you will not need to take any administrative steps. A helping hand when you already have many other steps to take. The supplier takes care of terminating your current contract.

Choose a customizable offer

A move is the opportune time to take stock of your electricity supplier. You may wish to make a gesture towards the environment. Some electricity suppliers offer the possibility of personalizing their contract. Define the share of green energy in your contract as well as the origin of the energy produced : solar, wind or hydraulic according to your preferences.

You can also decide whether you prefer to opt for the base rate or off-peak hours. In addition, you can decide the amount of the monthly payments as well as the day of the withdrawal.