Who are the specialist insurers in animal mutuals?

You have a new pet at home and want to insure it against the illness and accidents that he might encounter in his lifetime. Advising you on this or that insurer would be difficult, because there are a large number of them in our country. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the most famous.


This brand was founded by BM Courtage based in France. It offers 4 possible formulas to cover your animal, depending on the reimbursement ceilings, the percentage and the franchise rate that you choose. The older your animal is, the more your contribution increases.


Assurvet, offered by a brokerage firm, is a partner with several mutuals. It supports the cats, dogs and NACsS or New Pets. Assurvet also offers insurance and civil liability for animals. 3 formulas are available for dogs and cats partially (50, 80%) or fully (100%) covering accident and illness.

Solly Azar

Solly Azar offers animal insurance, the contract of which is called Quadrup’aide. There is an accident formula and a full formula. There are still additional guarantees that can be added as an option. These contracts are subject to deficiency at the opening of the contract as well as deductibles. When the animal approaches the 10 years, the premiums are getting very high.


Santevet has only been an animal mutual for ten years. It covers the cats, dogs and NACsS. There are many contracts with reimbursements ranging from 50 to 100% of the costs incurred. 5 formulas are offered with deductible, support and annual reimbursement ceiling.

Malakoff Mederic

Malakoff Médéric offers insurance contracts for dogs, cats, but excludes NACS. There are 3 protections ranging from the accident formula, which is the simplest, to the Balance plus formula. It is also possible to add options such as prevention, death insurance, vaccination, etc. to the contract.


CIC is the abbreviation for Crédit Industriel et Commercial bank. This bank offers pet insurance for dogs or cats. To benefit from it, the animal must be at least 3 months old and not more than 7 years old. It must also be chipped or tattooed. The offers vary by level chosen and the annual limits vary according to the guarantees.

Assur O’Poil

This company is part of the HD Assurances group. It offers 3 insurance contracts for pets: the preventive formula, the integral formula and the comfort formula. The currency of this insurance is personalized follow-up. Each owner has a appointed advisor for monitoring the health of your cat or dog. There is also a help desk. The contracts cover 60, 80 and 100% of the expenses incurred. The premiums increase every 10 years of the animal.


Truffaut works with Finaxy Santé Animale and offers 3 formulas called eco, zen and zen plus. Depending on the contract chosen, it covers accident and illness up to prevention. It can be offered with or without deductible. There are annual reimbursement ceilings ranging from € 1,000 to € 1,500.


Caplypso is a subsidiary of the 3 Suisses offering insurance for animals such as dogs and cats, but not for NACS or horses. There are two formulas: the economic and the integral. Both are fairly comprehensive except that the economy formula does not cover medical expense reimbursements like the full formula.

Casino Bank

Banque Casino is a subsidiary of Groupe Casino offering dog and cat insurance. There are two formulas called accident for the first and accident and illness for the second. There is no age limit for taking out the contract, but there is many exclusions.


Amaguiz is a Groupama subsidiary offering dog and cat insurance. There are three formulas. The first covers accidents, the second covers accidents, surgical costs, but not medical costs. The third covers accidents, sickness costs, surgical and medical acts. The annual ceiling of € 2,000 is common to the three formulas and it is possible to subscribe to a formula between the animal’s 3 months and 8 years old.


April is an insurance broker offering numerous coverages including dog and cat insurance. The subscription must be made between 3 months and over 5 years of the animal. Hunting and breeding dogs are excluded. 3 formulas are offered with 50, 80 and 100% reimbursement of expenses incurred.


Carrefour offers insurance for dogs and cats. There are three options that can be taken out before the animal turns 8. Their pricing varies according to the species of animal and the formula chosen.

Mutual credit

Crédit Mutuel offers protection for cats and dogs. Two formulas exist: the essential and the privilege. There are also additional services that are offered as supplements. With the payment by CB Avance Santé card, the owner is not debited until after the refund.

Blue Bubble

This brokerage company offers pet insurance. There are 3 protection formulas for cats and dogs called essential, tranquil and serenity. The contributions increase with the age of the animal.

You can still take out animal insurance from AG2R, MATMU, SwissLife and many others. There is also the possibility to insure a dog for hunting in some companies. In order to choose and find the contract that best suits your needs, it is advisable to go through an online animal insurance comparator. This act is free and does not bind you. You will receive at home, various proposals that you can study and detail before choosing one that best suits your situation and the needs of your animal.

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