WHO finds that France vaccinates too many people !!!! – EconomyMorning

Do not imagine that what I am telling you about is not economical.

When I talk about the pandemic, I am talking above all about economics and sociology.

I hope that even the most macronists will have understood all the same after two years of epidemic, that the health policy influences directly the social and economic aspects, but also psychological.

In short, to talk about health policy is not to do epidemiology and all the great pundits have been wrong and have been carabistouillent for two years with a regularity as worrying as it is evil.

So yes, I tell you and repeat it, there are many alternatives to confinement such as not confining as in Sweden for example. There is the possibility of dealing with the problem with the 80/20 rule, because in all things there is 80% of the contaminations on 20% of the places, etc, etc.

But there is also the vaccination!

And vaccination is great, it’s great, you have to be in favor, but there too there are several ways of considering it, and that of France is not that of the WHO, for example, which does not get angry. not the way our country does it.

Why ?

Because the WHO here has a global vision.

For the WHO worldwide, the number of vaccines is limited and they must be shared.

Vaccinating all French people is just selfish for the WHO where we are told that in France, anyone who does not want to be vaccinated is selfish, thinks only of himself, refuses to protect others, the WHO She thinks that we must first vaccinate at the global level all the old, all the most fragile and all health professionals.

For the WHO, it would be more effective if we vaccinate only those who are most at risk of dying from Covid.

It is of unstoppable logic.

The young person who is vaccinated therefore takes the vaccine from an elderly or fragile in another country.

So here is another way of looking at the situation.

Once again, it is not that simple, there are alternatives, and we must accept to debate and no longer to be imposed on false truths where there is only one way of seeing, of thinking, and only one solution.

You can criticize this WHO position. You may think that all French people should be vaccinated, even kids who do not have serious forms of Covid, because it is us first and the others after… But it must be possible to discuss this!

Covid-19: WHO criticizes the strategy of rich countries and calls not to vaccinate the youngest

It is an article from Figaro.fr that you can read by clicking here that says so!

“The director general of the WHO asked the rich countries on July 21 not to vaccinate the youngest to better distribute the doses around the world, while France is pushing to vaccinate everyone.

The World Health Organization on July 21 asked rich countries not to vaccinate the youngest and to donate their surplus doses to poor countries. A statement that seems to have little echo in France, while Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education, said Wednesday July 28 that unvaccinated middle school and high school students could no longer participate in activities or be present in class if necessary. “.

France has also ordered some 2 billion doses from Pfizer, which will make generous profits for this laboratory and will allow to bite 67 million French people every month but not others, not Africans, not Indians, and not citizens of so-called poor countries.

Indeed, Selfishness is not about refusing the vaccine, it is about grabbing all the vaccines and not leaving them to those who might need them even more.

I also invite you to listen to the wise and balanced words of the former DGS Director General of Health of our country.

William Dab, epidemiologist and former Director General of Health: “We have never made compulsory a vaccine whose duration of immunity is not known” pic.twitter.com/vzwmiL9lJ3

– BFMTV (@BFMTV) July 29, 2021

There is therefore an obvious history of big money behind this total vaccine ambition.

You have to vaccinate to make the labs money. I am always surprised at the regularity with which certain contracts are better signed when entering into electoral campaign periods. Usually everyone is in need of pennies and money, nobody sees a thing as long as everyone is touching the Grisbi.

We must vaccinate to allow the economy to resume and avoid confinements. It is more a belief than science, but everyone bought the way out of the crisis with vaccines. Central banks, the stock markets but obviously also our policy fools.

You have to vaccinate even the young people to avoid the closure of schools, and from you to me, they do not care about the school results of our kids. No, what they want is to be able to train them to “think well” and for that, it is important not to leave the children at home with their families.

Vaccines don’t work?

Never mind.

They must walk, because they have nothing else.

When you only have one hammer, everything looks like a nail.

When you only have a pseudo vaccine, it all boils down to a bite and too bad if the bite kills a few, too bad if the bite does not work for a long time, we will give you one every month if necessary, and we will forget everything, all common sense, all the main principles, but also science, without forgetting the alternatives, such as for example, the fact that there are several vaccine proposals, and that other vaccines, perhaps more successful and with mRNA-free technologies, will hit the market in the coming weeks or months.

I wanted to show you two things to feed your thoughts.

The first is that it is all the same a big story of big money.

The second is that at all levels, when we come out of the anathemas, the screams of BFM, and the pre-digested and ready-made thoughts that we are served, everywhere, there are alternatives and different ways of see the problem, and define not a health policy, but health policies.

We have to show it and repeat it every time, because we are a great country, with great citizens gifted with thought and reason.

Never stop thinking.

The first barrier gesture is to turn off your TV!

They do anything, tell anything. Let us put wisdom, reflection, thought into their sanitary delirium, because it is indeed a collective delirium with which we are confronted. Eventually it will end, but the damage will be considerable. Let us do all we can to limit them.

It is already too late, but all is not lost.

Prepare yourselves !