Who wants the skin of the euro? The Court of Karlsruhe! – EconomyMorning

This information did not really make the headlines of the national press, nor of our TVs, even Hanouna did not speak about it, which is to say if it is insignificant information.

Besides, the euro, our common currency, is irrelevant, does it.

And then the Germans, as everyone knows, are our FRIENDS, because in addition, Europe is PEACE.

Repeat after me.

Europe is PEACE, love between peoples and happiness.

So in fact it is because the European narrative is built on this rubbish of Franco-German friendship, that we speak to you very little about all the blows of our German friends.

As the other said, beware of your friends, my enemies, I’ll take care of them !!

We are currently at loggerheads with the Germans who are maneuvering to dissolve the French arms industry as much as possible. A long-term threat to German supremacy in Europe. And yes. We must not be naive. It is only in France that we have abandoned the long period of geopolitics. In China, the USA, Russia, or the United States, they are all fighting tooth and nail to ensure their sovereignty and independence.

In France we are led by political dwarfs who think they are “European”… ​​hahahahahahahahaha! Result they organize the looting of our nation and the ruin of our population united in its diversity and in increasing poverty!

In short, it is in this context of Franco-German friendship and love between peoples that …

The German Constitutional Court suspends the ratification of the recovery plan!

According to this almost confidential report from the Reuters news agency, “The German Constitutional Court on Friday blocked the ratification of the European recovery fund, approved this week by the two chambers of Parliament, the time to examine an appeal against this investment plan financed by debt.

Opponents of the EU stimulus plan, including the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, say the plan violates European treaties by paving the way for joint borrowing by member states.

The European Commission said it was convinced that the European legislation targeted by the appeal, the “own resources decision”, would be validated by the German constitutional court. This law has for decades formed the basis of all multiannual EU budgets.

The amendment to be ratified raises the ceiling for national contributions to the EU budget by 0.6 percentage points to 2% of gross national income until 2058, in order to guarantee the repayment of the loan from recovery in the event that the tax revenues provided for this purpose are insufficient.

“We note that the validity of the own resources decision has not been called into question by the German Constitutional Court,” said a Commission spokesperson.

There is no time limit for the court to rule on the complaint, but it could take up to three months to render a decision.

German ratification could thus be delayed until June, which would nevertheless allow the timetable of the European Commission, which provides for the disbursement of the first installments of the 750 billion euro stimulus fund over the summer “.

So it is very likely that our kind neighbors will delay the payments of the European aid plan, at best, because at worst, it could even cause its cancellation.

Is this aid plan illegal within the meaning of the treaties?

Obviously !!

It has been a long time since Europe sat on all the treaties and all the rules.

You remember the rules of the Maastricht Treaty, the famous “criteria” of the 60% debt and 3% deficit hahahahahaha, that’s just a memory, or the ban on monetizing the debt, also forgotten ! As well as the fight against inflation and all these threads requiring good management to ensure “convergence”. Completed. I told you about it in this video.

Why is this threatening the euro?

Let’s be clear.

We all have the same currency.

But we do not all have the same debt.

Those who are too indebted and France is now part of it with more than 120% of debt to GDP, will never be able to get by with austerity or growth.

There remains only the monetary headlong rush. In the form of aid plans or asset repurchases, that is to say debts by the ECB directly or indirectly indirectly and on the secondary market as is the case today.

If the German Constitutional Court opposes (legally and correctly) these economic policies, then its refusal will lead to the de facto explosion of the euro zone.

It will not be good then to hold “cash”.

The closer we get to the “exit” of the health crisis, the stronger the tensions between the well-managed countries and the broken baskets.

It will be a moment of all the dangers for Europe with a Germany which is gaining time to pay as little as possible for 12 years now and the subprime crisis.

The moment of truth is approaching.

The euro can explode, as Europe make its big federal leap.

It will only be at the foot of the wall that we will see who wins.

No doubt that the French mamamouchis will know how to sell our country to Germany so that it agrees to “pay” a little for us, after having butchered the beast France.

Sad policy.

Sad results consequences of poor sires at the head of our great country.

A people of lions led by donkeys.

Stay tuned.

It is already too late, but all is not lost. Prepare yourselves !